Monday, March 28, 2011

In Case, Like Me, You Failed Winter 101

So! Winter is losing its grasp around here, albeit s-l-o-w-l-y (a mere 13 degrees this morning). Yet we've had four days of bright sunshine and I've basked in it upon our enclosed front porch while otherwise surrounded by snow. As long as there's sun, though, I'm fine.

Which concerns me.

This winter showed me I wasn't the Miss Strong Christian I supposed myself to be. And yes, I faced many challenges and often felt like the heads in that carnival game which rise whoosh! out of various holes. Raise my head here, get pounded. Raise my head there, get pounded.

But even so, oh the mistakes I made this winter! Gah. I stayed home too much. In fact, last week I told Tom that our house was feelin' like Purgatory. Like we're stuck here, unable to get out, unlikely to ever move on.

Heh. Yes, I said that.

I complained way too much. Nagged poor ol' Tom (oh, all those times I freaked-out when he'd buy $10 worth of salsa, chilis and tortillas). And I got too obsessed about becoming a Coupon Queen and making money online, also. In fact, after Tom's former co-worker did our taxes for us last week, we discovered our return will be three times greater than what we'd assumed! So oh dear, I had to apologize to God--again--for acting like--if He didn't have my help--well, He'd have a hard time providing for us.

Good grief.

Yet most of all? I failed Winter 101 this year because I forgot to have fun. Yes, I really do believe that's what sunk me the most. Oh, how we need fun in our daily lives! Of course, hearing that unnerves super-ultra-religious folks, but let them be unnerved. I believe in fun and that God wants us to have enough of it. That fun should spring out of the joy He gives.

So there you go. I may have failed Winter, but rather than hang my head about it all condemned-wise (slowing down any further growth), I'm aiming to pass Springtime with bright, flying colors and lots of fun thrown in, too. I have whole months' worth of fun to make up for!



Unknown said...

We had 29 this morning in NC so winter just doesn't want to leave.

Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

Kansas had light snow yesterday, at least in our area. I love your picture, and your words said it better than my thoughts.

Pat said...

I failed it right along with you. I stayed home so much, I think my car went through the entire winter on one tank of gas! lol!
My husband is already making plans for local road trips, and I'm greately anticipating a "change in season"..mine and the weather.