Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Starting Point Revealed


Yesterday we played around with moving to Mt. Airy, North Carolina. Again. You may remember that three years ago I mentioned that town, though mostly just for fun since always I knew Tom would never walk away from his job here. But now that that ship has sailed, well, Mt. Airy is more a possibility than ever, especially once Tom peeked at their taxes.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Honestly, there is no comparison between NC's taxes and ours. None. Nada. Zip. No wonder everybody and his Aunt Frieda has moved down there from Buffalo! We've always known we could never retire here because of that bad t-word no matter how much we loved this area--our taxes are insane (but yes, God has always provided the money for them).

Why consider Mt. Airy again this time (besides the small-town feeling it conjures and the whole Andy Griffith connection)? Well, Naomi is thinking Nashville, TN. She has a dear, newly-married, very musical friend who recently moved there and loves it. For months, her friend has begged Naomi to come and visit and now she's considering doing just that in March. Naomi's spoken of moving there for some time.

So, Mt. Airy being a mere 415 miles away from Nashville, well, it's a viable option, that is, if I can talk Tom into 'retiring' (as in, switching his whole way of thinking around. I'll let you know how that goes). And so are other towns in NC, Tennessee and Kentucky within that same radius, towns which I've begun checking into their real estate online. Don't you just love the Internet for that sort of thing?

So we shall see what we shall see. Here is our starting point, anyway. It's all a bit easier on the brain than considering an elusive 15, or so, other states. And thankfully, this is a type of search the adventurous, gypsy-blooded side of ourselves has always, always enjoyed.

And thank-goodness all Tom and I must do is hear where God wants us to live--and 'simply' move there. He will then take care of all the myriad details of moving, including enabling us to bear the summer humidity and handle any winter weather once we arrive at His chosen place. No way will God send us to an impossible, miserable area. Only Tom and--I without God's leading--could end up in a place we'd regret.


And again, I must thank each of you who have offered such specific, helpful suggestions! Even you, Rodney, for your suggestion of Perth, Australia. heh. Such a delightful way to begin my morning, all the giggling I did at your comment! :)

Thanks again, Everyone...


Here's a nice website for Mount Airy.

And check out this HUD house there! (Look to the right for other great deals.)


Unknown said...

Debra I have been to Mt. Airy a number of times and it is the most adorable town with stores like Opie's candy store, Barney's Diner, Aunt Bea's Restaurant, Otis walking around greeting visitors and taking them on a ride in Andy's old 64 Ford Fairlane with the whip antenna. It is also famous for the Siamese twins that were joined at the chest and traveled all over the world meeting kings, queens, etc before finally settling down in Mt. Airy to be farmers and having over 20 children between them and they married sisters. It's a place you go to and don't want to leave.

Patty H. said...

well, never been to Mt. Airy, but I do live up the road in the mountains of NC and I can say there is nothing like them! And my daughter lives just outside of Nashville, and we are only, oh, 300 plus miles away. Persoanlly I think realestate is high here in our county. Alot of people are moving in, so prices are up. But lots of character and charm, lots to do in Asheville-for young and old. It's a very diverse city.
Patty H.

Pat said...

Mt. Airy...just the name conjures up thoughts of gentle mountain breezes!
How exciting to be thinking about the next phase of your life. When you move, I'll move right along with my heart!

Ann said...

Debra - sounds like you are going to have an adventure soon! Just for fun check out this yahoo article - - Two of the houses are so charming. The one in South Bend IN and the one in Cheboygan MI. I just think it is so charming. Not much info on it though. Also saw a cute place for you on the show Selling NY on HGTV. A house on a private island outside of NYC. LOL Just what you're looking for I'm sure!! The island, asking $1.55 million, includes a four-bedroom house and a guest cottage! perfect place for all of us your readers to come and visit you and Tom! I'm sure the $1.55 million is just a drop in the bucket. LOL

I hope I made you laugh. That's always a good thing. I was so sorry to read about Lennon. My prayers are with you all.

Jenny said...

Mt. Airy and Nashville are both charming places ... in my opinion you can't go wrong in the whole of the Southeast, but Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia are my favorites. We have children living in all three states and visit them frequently, and we lived in Knoxville for many years. But Mt. Airy? Sublime. God bless as you pray and decide!

Ann said...

I have to agree with the comments on the Nashville area. Our son is in Clarksville TN about 40 miles north of Nashville and we love visiting him just so we can go to Nashville. I'd stay away from the Clarksville area but Nashville is great. Clarksville is an army town since it's right next to Ft. Campbell and it's growing and very busy but Nashville is fun to visit. Very nice people there.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I have family in Camden, TN, which wouldn't be too far from Nashville.
No state income tax, lower property costs, and small town atmosphere.

Even the name, Mt. Airy is inviting!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

One place it looks as though the Hud house is $38thousand but below it looks as though it is $380,000.00. That seems way to high and the first seems way too low.

But whatever it is, I hope you and Tom find something that you want to move to forever that is a good price and will be a "happy ever after" home for the two of you!

I do appreciate the wish for a warmer place to live!

Julie in Texas said...

That sounds great, Debra! We once flew into Memphis, TN for a family reunion in KY, so we traveled up the highway that goes from Memphis to the western reaches of KY. It was the first time I ever saw that countryside and it was gorgeous! I'm sure these states are prone to a little bit of everything weather, but certainly not the lake-effect snows you have endured. Blessings on your journey to a new home, and I surely think it would be a great idea to be within a half day's drive to your daughter.

Pearl said...

Sounds nice Debra I wish you well in your search. Love that house! I can't believe the cheap price!

Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

We moved to Nashville from OH (previously lived in TX and originally from MI). Yes, taxes here are MUCH lower, though we do pay tax on groceries. I think your daughter will love Nashville and you and Tom might like it, too - plenty of pretty small towns nearby!

Anonymous said...

It is not easy to find a spot to be in, or so we have learned. We have lived in NC for almost 8 years now. It is beautiful and GREEN, but the humidity nasty. However I am mostly an indoors person, so that is not as bad as it could be. Winters are nice. Yes, we can get snow, but not like the north. Chances are however, that you will always be a "northerner" matter if you started out there or not. We came from Washington state and consider ourselves "westerners"...but here? You are either a southerner OR a northerner. And thus an outsider. That does not bother us much currently as we are content with each other and friends we have other places. But think hard about relocating here...the concern I have is what happens if my hubby dies ahead of me? I am not sure I would stay, even though 2 of my 3 children live in this state. I have relatives living in Knoxville area and they love it (former Californians). Another friend moved to Kansas from Idaho and LOVES it there. Take some trips before you jump is my advice!!