Friday, February 11, 2011

Running Toward Faith--And Away From Worry

So for a few days Lennon The Cat looked a bit depressed--hanging his head, sad-eyed, sleeping a lot. I promised him that as soon as the weather warmed I'd take him to the vet, but well, yesterday he looked, uhm, just pathetic, and Tom said we should drive Lennon to the doctor right away if we could get an appointment.

Thank-goodness we could and did. On the last of our 16 degree days, I wrapped Lennon in a warm towel and hugged him beside Tom while he drove and ten miles later the vet took a blood test and determined Lennon was only minutes away from seizuring, what with a glucose level of 28 when it should be around 300. Good gracious. In all the years Lennon's been diabetic he's never even come close to nosediving like that. Always, he's been a glowing, white-and-tan healthy (though diabetic) cat.

So we had to leave Lennon there. For two nights. And many hundreds of dollars later I stood at the reception desk writing out a huge check, dazed, not wanting to talk to anyone, feeling horrid for Lennon who wants only to be home, thankful Tom was beside me doing the necessary speaking to the woman taking our money.

Of course, on the way home I became business-like, all, "Okay, right this minute we need to decide where to cut back even farther on our expenses so to make up for this huge expense." But simultaneously I told Tom that God will take care of this somehow because what else could we do? (We'd never needed pet insurance before this.)

And when we arrived home I stared at our monthly expenses list for a long time, crossing off our last newspaper subscription (we agreed to do this) and making notes to turn the heat on later in the mornings, spend less on food and -- well, you know.

The rubber was hitting the road (as they say) and then I paused. It's one thing to talk about real faith or blog about it, but either I can rest in the fact that God will handle this huge bill--or I can't. Either I trust Him--or I don't.

So I relaxed. Closed away my list and my worry, lectured my cranky emotions and reminded myself, "If I do my part, God will do His."

He will, you know. After all, He is in charge here. He is our main provider still standing when all the dust settles.

And all will be well.


If you believe in praying for cats, Lennon, Tom and I would appreciate your prayers for the sweet guy. For nearly 14 years he's been our smart, inspirational little buddy.


This morning McCartney sat on the bathroom hamper, meowing. She never does that. It was as though she was calling for her big brother.


Update: Yay! The vet called and said Lennon is doing great. Plus, Tom and I received a check in the mail that nearly covered one-third of Lennon's doctor bill, money which we'd forgotten was owed to us. Is God good, or what? :)


Unknown said...

So glad he got the attention in time and we will be praying for him. Yes, we just have to trust HIM and it will be OK.

Donetta said...

deep breath and big hugs
McCartney wants to just hold you through it. Let her be there for you.

Anonymous said...

Debra So glad, Tom was there, to go to the vet with you. Prayers for Lennon. Big Texas Hug for you. Joyce

Judy said...

I still miss our dear old "Uncle Barb".

The grandkids still pray for him, but have the faith to believe that Pa and Grandma are now taking care of him in Heaven.

All that to say, of course I will pray for Lenon! Glad he is doing much better.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I will be praying for your sweet cat. It is so hard to have a pet sick and especially have to leave them at the vet. Praise God for sending some money to help out.
God is Good! Hold onto your faith,
Lisa :O)

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I didn't comment this morning when I first read this, but came back to it after 10pm this evening and was so happy to read the update. We're never alone! Never, never! But I find there are a lot of things I seem to need to relearn every morning when I wake up, and this business about not worrying seems to be one of them!

K.E. said...

Glad your buddy is doing better! Having pets can seem like one of those things I should "cross off my list" when times are tough, but they bring me so much joy and love (although a cat's love can sometimes seem more elusive than a dog's :).
God knows that and I figure he'll make a way for me to make a way for them.