Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Of Promised Visits and Potlucks


Ever since moving here 2 1/2 years ago we've told a bunch of people, "Oh! We need to have you come over to see our new farm. It would be such fun!" And ok, a few times we've actually set dates and had these what-feels-like-long-lost-friends over for a farm tour, lunch and enjoyable fellowship.

But then I began making a mental list of all the rest of our old friends and neighbors who are still waiting for an actual date for an actual visit and good grief, there must be 25 people on that list! Gah.

(Picture me hanging my head in shame. Really, Tom and I should win golden statue awards for our procrastination tendencies. Gulp.)

So. I have an idea.

Why not divide the group into two and then, in late Spring and/or early Summer, plan two potluck picnics here? Potlucks are easy, after all, and in 'two fell swoops' we could invite all those folks who've waited patiently to check out our farm, some of whom we've not seen in years, even.

Tom thinks that's a great idea. Now, if only we'll follow through ...

And well, I just thought I'd share that idea with any of my fellow procrastinators. (See you at the Procrastination Awards! I'll be the woman galloping down the aisle, late, still ripping curlers from her hair.) :)


Donetta said...

What a wonderful thing to look forward to. Remember the k
'kid' count. It really can make a difference.
If one group has lots of kids perhaps an Easter egg hunt on a farm!
Or even a planting fest. Like bring a tree, or a veggie plant or flower to plant.? oh how fun!
I need to plan a party for Dash in early March!

Debra said...

Uh-oh, Donetta--now you are stressing me out! heh. I was feeling that having two potlucks was very brave of me and way out of my comfort zone, but now I feel justs lazy. :) You sound very wonderfully creative! I remember creative--that was eons ago for me. :)

But seriously, those are some great ideas. Maybe I'll try to 'beef up' the farm angle more, so thanks for that and for sharing, too! Blessings, Debra

Andrea @ Clipping Makes Cents said...

My hubby & I do the same thing (except we don't live on a farm). Our goal for this year is to invite one family/friends over each month this year. I think we rob ourselves of fellowship with others...because of our "busy" schedules. Thanks for the reminder!

(At those rewards, I won't be the one running in after you {haha:}!)


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh do I ever understand!!! Procrastination! -moan- -sigh-

But what a lovely idea, you have come up with. Two actually.

One way to make sure these two great pot-luck gatherings occur, would be to send out the invitations now.


I know! I know. What ever am I thinking of? Send them out now?

But....... It would insure that you don't forget or not-get-around to doing them.


Oh I am so full on [NOT HELPFUL] ideas, hu? >,-)

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

I'm another procrastinator, Debra! But these potlucks are a great idea, and the thought of people bringing plants to share is great too....Kudos to your friend who thought of that.

Perhaps they could bring divisions of perennials from their gardens as a gift to you and Tom, or to trade. Every time you see the plants you will think of them. This reminds me of a book by Elizabeth Coatsworth -Alice All By Herself - with a charming story about such plants. You would love it, if you could find a copy. An old lady who loves plants and has given many starts of her plants to friends over the years - has them all freeze overnight during a sudden drop in temperature. And all the people that have received plants from her bring starts back to her during a sort of plant shower organized by Alice, the main character of the book.

Debra said...

Andrea--yes! That's what we used to for years when we were younger--invite one or even two families over each month. But obviously we got away from doing that, what with those 25 people on our list, and all...heh... (And shh... don't tell anyone but Tom and I are almost never late to events--we hate being late. I just used a bit of poetic license there to crack myself up.) :)

Aunt Amelia--actually, I had that very same idea! It seems that nowadays one must invite people over months in advance in order for things to work out. Well, with some people that is the way to go about it, anyway. :) So really, I've been kicking around dates already and wondering if I have some invitations laying around the house. :) So your idea is a good one!

Thanks, Everyone...Debra

Debra said...

Kristi--we were commenting at the same time. :) Great ideas! And thanks for the book recommendation. It sounds wonderful and I've read at least one of her books before. I can never get enough book recommendations so thanks again! Blessings, Debra

Pat said...

Just tell me what to bring and I'll be there!
How lovely it would be to meet you, since it's not likely to happen soon, be sure to take lots of pictures.
Sometimes I think we "ponder" too hard over get togethers. at least I know I do. I lose sight that the meeting of friends in and of itself is what's beautiful. I'm so guilty...I need to preach to myself a bit more! LOL!