Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Big Storm--She Is A Comin'

Drop over to http://www.weather.com/ and you'll swear the world will be ending tomorrow for those of us in a certain 23 states. heh.

But here at my house? We're prepared, well, mostly. Plenty of groceries, coffee, rock salt, Little House books and episodes of LOST to watch. Cars under cover. Snow shovels by the back door. The outdoor stuff frozen into the snow we've already had, unable to blow away. I only wish Tom had remembered to buy some kerosene for our emergency kerosene heater out in the garage. We've never needed one so far, but as I said, I like to be prepared for anything. (Fortunately though, there's a True Value Hardware shop down the road with shelves of the stuff. I hope.)

The only slight problem? We'll need to drive to our tiny town's Rite Aid tomorrow sometime because Lennon's supply of insulin is way low, and too, that's when a prescription of Tom's will arrive. But at least Rite Aid is only one mile away. I think we can handle that. It won't be like in the Little House books (which I'm still rereading) where they risk their lives, nearly lose them and then happily, for the kids' sake, quip, "All's well that ends well!" There will be no risking of our lives around here, thank-goodness.

And speaking of the Little House books, this time of Tom's unemployment has often reminded me of Caroline Ingall's repeats of "there's no great loss without some gain." Why? Because the loss of his job has meant the gain of his staying safely inside (most days) and not risking slipping out in the snow, he who's been known to slip on a half-dollar-sized circle of ice. So I've worried much less, not that worrying was ever ok, but hey. I'll take it, I'll take having him semi-constantly around the house in winter if it means added safety for him in wintertime.

And so it goes. Stay warm and safe wherever you may be--and remember--Spring will soon be here.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And you too, stay warm and safe!

And please keep letting us know, that you are... warm and safe. I will ask that, in my today's [Tues.] blog entry, when I post it. That bloggers in the line of the storm, keep telling their Dear Readers that they are ok. You and I, post mostly daily anyway, so we will. But some, do not do daily posting.

And of course, if someone hasn't posted in a while, I begin to worry. Silly me but... That's me. :-)

Thank you for appreciating my Valentines! I know you do, but it's so nice to hear it said, in comments. :-)

Got to get some more written and post today! :-)

And oh yes, I hear you on the less worry about husbands falling!!!!!!! Mine still works a bit in our family store, but son will not have him come in to work, in weather like this. :-)

Gentle warm hugs...

Pat said...

We're in line for the storm too. I'm thankful we don't have to leave our warm house, but pray for the safety of those who do.
I don't think I've mentioned this, but I LOVE the picture of your barn. It is so beautiful in all of it's "whiteness" with just a bit of black on the hardware. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Burrrr! It is nine below zero where I live. Fortunately, I don't have to leave the house, except to slip and slide down the hill to mail a birthday card.
Stay warm and cozy in your charming house.

Unknown said...

This has been a winter to remember for a lot of you in the north. I have a friend in NY that is expecting 30 inches on top of what they already have. Down here in NC we are looking for rain & temps up to 70. Good luck with the storm.

Dapoppins said...

Good you can be home together and take care of each other!

My son is reading the first Little House book. I think I need to pick it up, cause I know I need to be more like "Ma."

Joanne said...

Stay warm and cosy!
It is storming here too!
Ah, the joys of Winter:)