Monday, February 14, 2011

Of Valentines and Walking Out of Ruts

Happy Valentine's Day to all my special readers! A day of friendship celebrated--that's how I view this day. I mailed away 12 Valentines this year, have received one so far and you know? Truly I'm happiest knowing I made 12 people smile outside of their mailbox. The amount of Valentines I receive is not what matters most. Honest, that's how I'm feeling.

The middle of February! Always I must shift gears now or else, well, I struggle and flounder. At this point of the season I force my mind to dwell not on all that snow out there or our frozen driveway or the 40 mph winds crashing against our house this morning or how I've not seen our lawn since early December.

No, I must retrain my brain to begin garden plans. Oh, all those seed, soil and mulching details! All those green, blue and yellow afternoons ahead of sitting beside my flower beds with springtime sunshine warming my back and the countryside silence lulling me to dreamy memories and yearnings.

Now is the time for new books, too, not the ones I have memorized and know exactly what the end will bring. I need books with new turns and surprise destinations. And new conversations would be welcome--talks with people who enjoy sharing ideas which tickle my brain rather than plain ol' talk about the weather, the pastor, the kids, the way milk went up 20 cents.

Now is the time to prepare for the newness of Life which pauses just up the road a bit in that gleaming sunlight, inching toward me closer and more quickly than a week ago. That slant of light also known as Springtime.

Spring is tip-toeing nearer, you know. Already the air has changed, the light arises earlier and hangs around later. I hope you've noticed even the tiniest of encouraging details--they welcome an early springtime of the heart, stretching the season for a few early weeks.


"Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush." ~Doug Larson


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Debra!

Per usual, I sent out none, and don't expect any in the mail today. It's one of those nice things, which I procrastinate on, so long, that nothing happens. -sigh-

Oh well... Not gonna' beat myself up over it. Just try to "move" myself, to work on some other things, on which I procrastinate, all the time. :-)

Plus, I lost your address. :-( Lost just about alllllllll my snail mail addys. Since I stopped writing/receiving it.

My idea of what snail-mail consists of, differs from most everyone else's. -grin- Should I be surprised at this fact? Nope! I'm always "marching to a different drummer." :-) And I'm quite content, this way. Like you are, I'm sure.

Hugs and ♥'s...
On Valentine Day!

Donetta said...

Oh my I have not sent out a Valentine card sense we adopted the kids.
I got a big hug in my heart for you though.
Get on line and start filling your eyes with garden images. Enjoy the green of it. :) I would send you some of ours if I could but that is as close to it as I can get :)

Unknown said...

Receive my warm thoughts today and hopefully you are having a great Valentines Day. It was a lovely weekend in NC with temps near 60 and this week it may hit 70. I am so ready for new growth on trees. Hang in there, your's is coming too.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Valentines' Day Debra,hope yours is wonderful!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Debra! Spring IS coming! Not even all that long til daylight savings time begins and we don't have such long dark evenings, though they have there purposes! My lovely fragrant witch hazel is blooming now, though it's so tall that I can't quite pull down the branches anymore and even have to look up from the upstairs windows to see them!