Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of Winter (And Not Complaining About It)

The secret, I'm finding, is to discover Winter's pleasures and rewards rather than complain about the cold, snow and traveling upon ice.

Besides, should I even be complaining about a season that was all God's idea, anyway? Hmmm.... I'm leaning toward probably not. :)

So. Lately I've stopped viewing Winter as The Enemy and I've bundled-up and walked outside rather than staying inside at windows because, hey, it's Winter, after all. But I'm finding that's too in-the-box-thinking for can't I still enjoy our farm acres, their beauty and its nippy, pure-as-it-gets-nowadays air? And the woods, orchard, meadows and silence? Yes, even in Winter, I still can.

And ok, it's seriously cold out there and my Winter walks don't last nearly as long as Autumn ones. But still, I've lived in snow country since I was 17 and that's a whole lot of years to acclimate my body to it, especially when I faithfully venture out to enjoy it rather than hiding inside, un-acclimating my blood in the warmth, wishing Winter away.

Nothing can force me to remain inside all Winter and miss all creation outside--only myself.

A reward of Winter? There's no mowing of the lawn! What celebratory glee that one thought brings.

More rewards? Excuses to read more books, watch more movies and just slow down. Recuperate. Refresh. Renew.

These are things which, oddly, I must re-learn each dark mid-winter for the complaining erases them, gratitude and ingratitude not being able to exist simultaneously. So here I am today, again, relearning and passing along my lessons to you.


Need a wonderful, sometimes dramatic, sometimes funny classic old movie to watch? Try I Know Where I'm Going. You can watch it instantly at Netflix and well, I've watched it twice this week, once alone and once with Tom who, immediately afterward said, "We should find another movie like that to watch next." High praise from him. And for Megan Follow's Anne fans, a young Wendy Hiller played the lead in this movie. You'll remember her as the elderly Mrs. Harris in the second Anne movie.

Anyway, I can almost guarantee that any of you classic movie fans will truly enjoy this one. It has, well, everything. Watch it and see what I mean.


Unknown said...

We could use a good movie & will check it out. Thanks & I too find some really good things about winter and try not to complain as much.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Ohhhh thank you! That sounds like a great dvd suggestion!

And I'm again *deep* into Valentine's Day, on my post today. :-) And naturally, I linked to you. "The Queen of Valentine's Day" enjoyment! :-)

And was reading a blog from the Southern Hemisphere. She's hot/humid now. Can you immmmmmmmmmagine Valentine's Day, in the Southern Hemisphere?!? I can't.

All the RED and stuff, is lovely and warming for us up here, in the COLD of Winter. Living a year in the Southern Hemisphere is something I can't wrap my head around. ,-) But then, if I was born there, it would be natural.

Oh what creatures of habit we are, hu?

Hugs & ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Jenny said...

I've seen that movie and I love it! Wendy Hiller was so cute. Nothing like a good old movie on a cold, gray winter day.

Even though I live in the south where winter is brief and distinctly warmish most of the time, it still gets under your skin when you least expect it. Last week we were in the Midwest for the funeral of my dear father-in-law and, honestly, I remarked to my husband (who grew up in Northwest Ohio) that I don't understand why anyone would live in that kind of weather if they didn't have to! He reminded me that we lived for 17 years in the Northwest Indiana (Chicagoland) and we got used to it and paid little attention most of the time! And of course he is right. How soon we forget.

I followed a link from Auntie Amelia's Attic to your lovely blog and I hope you don't mind if stop in from time to time! Thank you for your meaningful and God-honoring thoughts. Meanwhile, stay warm, well and safe!

Saija said...

just getting caught up with what Debra's up to!!! i see some of my struggles too ... winter can be that ... though it thrills my heart when God gets through to me with those diamonds in the snow!

blessings on ya! (yup your barn looks nice in the winter!)

Joanne said...

YES! That is what I have discovered in my journey of embracing the seasons and sharing them at Seasonal Hearth.
Embracing each season for the treasures that God has given to each season.
Loved reading this!
Joanne in Canada