Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now Playing On My Brain

So lately Tom discovered a new tv series by way of Netflix, one called Ax Men. Majorly annoying to me who hates strife, coarse language (even with all the bleep!bleep!bleeeeeps!) and men behaving badly. 

Have you seen this show? It follows loggers out to forests where they chop down trees, have many accidents due mostly to rookies (sooo for the sake of the camera, don't tell me otherwise) and yell at each other a lot.

Tom loves it. Sits there and chuckles. Gah. 

Maybe it takes him back to his young man years of working in a lumber mill. His glory years of chopping down trees for our wood stove, the sole source of heat for nine years there in snow country. If that is the case, well, I understand, for perhaps that's why I watch shows with young, brave women (and men) doing heroic feats --perhaps they remind me of my own glory days or even just my grand dreams from back then. 

(Who really understands these things?)

My computer sits 3 1/2 feet away from the tv so often I must wear headphones and listen to the awesome music on Kim's playlist and try to ignore the yelling and bleep-bleeps I can still hear.

Yet sometimes Tom wears his headphones and watches Ax Men on his computer.This revolutionary give-and-take thing we're trying out is pretty cool. :)

Yesterday I even came up with the awesome idea of Mid-Afternoon Office Time. Immediately after we watch our current lunchtime episode of LOST (we're starting over with season 1. I know. I know.), we then have one hour of silence in which Tom does business from his computer and I sit at mine doing my surveys and coupon searches.

It only took us five months to think of such a brilliant thing.


We went shopping on Thursday night and I saved $50 with coupons and sales items, spending $70 instead of $120. Many items I've not paid full price for since October. And the other nice thing? I've been stocking up during winter for probably 25 years, but this is the first January I've ever been stocked up so well. And all during this, our season of unemployment.

Life with God is like that. So opposite of what you'd normally think.


And now I'm finally seeing more money from my online survey groups. More surveys from them and more payments, too. And for the ones which allow me to credit my earnings to Pay Pal, I have a terrific plan. I'll use my Pay Pal earnings at VitaCost to buy those lovely krill oil capsules which have returned sleep to me. I found this a better idea than using the option.

So if you're doing online surveys for some extra cash or things like Swagbucks--be patient! It does start adding up when you learn some tricks of the trade and allow it all some good old-fashioned Time in which to reap from what you've sown.

Ah. Life is good.


Give yourself Time. Give people and God some Time, too. You'll be surprised at what happens eventually.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Mmmmm, that 'Ax Men' doesn't look enticing to me, either. So I'm glad we don't watch.

It's "Am. Pickers", or "Holmes on Holmes", or "Which-house-will-they-pick?", or Science Ch., or History Ch...

Oh but!!!! LOL! "Uncle A." is addicted to any UFO things which come on. And "Ancient Aliens" shows. LOL! I've semi-watched so many Ancient Aliens shows, that I've developed a *crush* on the young guy with the wild dark hair! -gigggles- Hey, I gotta' do something, to keep my sanity. :-)

Yes, I can read, while he's watching his tv and doing his cross word puzzles and reading the paper. But... Sadly... I've been in a reading slump. -pout-

Got, got, got to make myself get out, out, out of this reading slump. Must! Silly of me to not read. -pout-

Hugs and ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Debra said...

Aunt Amelia--oh, thanks! I'd not heard of those other tv shows you mentioned (except Am. Pickers of course) so I'll look them up at Netflix and see what I can find since we only have 'baby tv cable.'We really do need to find something to watch that we've not already seen. :)

And I hope your love of reading books returned. I was in a reading slump, too, recently until I began the Little House series again. Now I'm avidly rereading those and loving them as always! :) Thanks for commenting...Debra

Mrs. Mac said...

My oldest son thinks I should enjoy 'Ultimate Warrior (a netflix find as well) .. men .. splitting heads with axes .. recreating Viking -vs- Samurai type fighting ..etc. (LOL) .. your office time arrangement seems a perfect fit .. especially while waiting for .spring and summer. Interesting how during times of unemployment we tend to see how truly God holds us up in time of need .. if we are aware of His presence. Nice that you have a room rented .. good idea!

Donetta said...

Love A. Pickers. Have you ever watched HULU? it is free
Decoded is another one on History channel. It is sorta fun to watch.
I'll have to keep up with the surveys I have been rather board with them.

It's so nice that your family has drawn in. Even when our kids are older having a chance to share lives is a treasure.
Keep warm it looks so chilly there.

Louise said...

What surveys do you do? And what coupons do you use? I'm very interested in saving money however and wherever I can.

Saija said...

you americans have way better coupons than we do in canada ... we can't double or triple them and what leo and i eat (leo has chocolate milk and pb ... i have veggies & fruit), usually we don't have coupons for - but i know how it can be a saving - having lived in AZ for spurtz of time ... so good for you!!!!

and my computer is only a few feet away from leo's recliner & tv ... so i know what you mean re tv noises ... leo says i type really loudly too ... *laughing* ...

blessings on ya!

Debra said...

Mrs. Mac--so true! Everything you said. :) And yes, it's working out really well to have Naomi in the upstairs portion of our house. She helps out a lot, and besides, she's a sweetheart. :)

Donetta--thanks for the Hulu reminder! We do watch the new Psych episodes there, but it had been a long time since we looked for anything else. So yesterday I was able to find one of Aunt Amelia's recommendations there--so thanks again for the reminder!

Louise--here's a post about where I find coupons and also my favorite survey group:

It really helps, at Facebook, to 'like' those coupon blogs because they'll alert you to the fresh coupons right away so you can get them before they disappear.

And Opinion Outpost is my most profitable online survey site, but if you'll google Survey Mastermind you can go there and find others like 'My Survey' (another favorite) and 'Ipsos I Say'.

Hope this helps!

Saija--Oh, I know, I'm blessed because in our area all the supermarkets double coupons that are 99 cents and less. Have you tried googling 'Canadian Coupon Blogs'? That might be a great way to start. Tom and I love peanut butter, too, and I've been able to find quite a few peanut butter coupons, all without hydrogenated oils, too, (I refuse to buy those). :)

Thanks for your comments, Everyone! Blessings, Debra

K.E. said...

I've been drawn in to the "Lark Rise to Candleford" series. Set in late 1800's England. Seasons I and II are on Netflix. I hear there are books as well :).
NO bleeps. It's very nicely done in the usual BBC way - wonderful sets, great costumes, etc.

Jennifer @ said...

Just dropping by to say hello, and to thank you for your kind comment over at Getting Down With Jesus.

Have a great week!