Saturday, January 15, 2011

Much This, Much That

I think our barn looks pretty in the winter sunlight.


So. In my eternal quest for the perfect "my own little corner, my own little chair", I moved our curb-find leather chair to the windows in our dining room beside one of our many patio tables, this one painted red and leaning with stacks of my books. And now I am happy.

I make my coffee and peanut butter toast, announce to Tom that I'm having my quiet time and does he have any questions of me first?, close the pocket doors and sit in the windows with my books and dreams. And gaze out at our barn.

Happy sigh.


What I Am Reading (Or Mostly, Re-reading):

Little House In The Big Woods
God Calling
The Gift of a Year
Don't Worry, Make Money
A Window Over The Sink
The Pursuit of God
Mary Jane's Farm, latest issue


A weird request: While talking with my mom over the phone this week she mentioned a new tv show that was a lot like American Pickers. The title was a play on words of an old saying (I believe) and I thought, "Oh, I won't need to write that down. I can remember that," (which should be a red warning button, alas). Anyway, can anyone tell me the title? It began in November, I think, and there's a woman host. I believe she buys the contents of houses and then sells them(?)

At least, I think that's what my mom said. :) Any help would be appreciated! I'd like to see if I can watch an episode online.

UPDATE: An extremely special thanks to Robin for identifying the show--it's called Cash and Cari. (See? Such a simple title, but all I could recall was that there was a woman's name in it. Sheesh.) Thank-you, Robin!

Here's a link to a clip of the show.


Oh! If you've never before used's Video on Demand you can go here and get a free $5.00 credit (click on the appropriate link). I received one of these with an order recently and immediately used up all my credits on 2nd season episodes of American Pickers, but of course!


I am still sadly reeling from the death this week of John Dye, my favorite actor from the tv series, Touched By An Angel. Only 47-years-old! I remember years ago John was one of the actors for whom God asked me to pray for a season. His part as Andrew on the show taught and showed me much about ministry, the power of the right words and compassion and I'll always be grateful to John for the part he played in--not only Touched By An Angel--but in my own transformation. R.I.P. John Dye. I appreciated you and should have tried to let you know.

Oh Readers, do not let those opportunities to share your appreciation fly away! Do that thing which God is nudging you to do while you still can.


"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pitchers of silver." ... Proverbs 25:11


"Never assume anything." ... copied


Thickethouse.wordpress said...

A good post, Debra. Just this last week I called to inquire about a quilt group I've known about for years and thought of joining if only to reconnect with the woman who was the librarian in the little town Paul and I lived in when my daughters were little girls. I've meant to do this for years. But I just discovered that she died this last summer. She was 88 years old, and came to the US in 1946 as a British War bride, a kind and friendly woman who suggested many good books for me to read. Someone I apparently thought would always be there for me to say, "thank you!" to. I wish I had done something earlier. I think sometimes it is an odd misplaced shyness that makes me not do something that's on my mind. I hope it doesn't happen again.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Debra, I was watching a show last week on HGTV about a woman who goes into homes where people have collections and she sells it for them. I think it was called Cari's Cash or Cash and Cari. See...I am like you, I have a leaky brain.

Debra said...

Kristi--oh, I know... I've too often not shared appreciation until it was too late and everytime it happens again, it's a hard lesson. Thanks for sharing your story with us... I appreciate it.

Robin--yes!! That's it! Cash and Cari. Thanks so very much! Now I won't have to wrack my brain all day. THANK-YOU!

Blessings, Debra

Unknown said...

You never fail to brighten my day girl and this one was very good. I will miss him too. That has got to be one of the best shows ever to be on the TV. Have a wonderful weekend.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Hooray for you! You've found a new spot for "my own little corner, my own little chair"! Sounds quite perfect. Lovely view and pocket doors to close, to have it really your own.

Wonder if there is a term for this longing? ["my own little corner, my own little chair"] It's probably pretty universal. Hmmmm... I wonder... A new idea for a Search topic for me. ,-) And you know, I'm a *frustrated* Private Eye, so I love to search. :-)

Yes, that's 'Cash and Cari" but I've never seen it. My [not very nice sounding] first thought was... A rip-off of the American Pickers great idea. Boooo-hissss. But, not having really seen it, I suppose I shouldn't *judge.*

But I'm that way. If I get to like some show, I "get my knickers in a twist," when what looks like a copy-cat, comes along. And... -sigh- They always do. So I should have gotten used to it, by now. ,-)

Hugs & ♥'s...
'Cause Valentine Day is coming!

Pat said...

I can see why you would want the perfect seating combo in front of that window..I would too. We have a big window at the cottage that's perfect for gazing. We have a swivel chair in front of it and most the time we swivel facing the window.
I love Cash and Cari, and best of all, her shop is right here near me! She was having an estate sale this weekend I wanted to go to, but the weather has made me change my mind. As the weather improves, I plan on attending some of her sales. Whooo hooo!

Mrs. Mac said...
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Mrs. Mac said...

Nice gazing spot .. nice leather curb side find .. nice barn .. It's arranged very comfortably and looks so cozy and warm. Isn't it wonderful having a 'spot' to view the changing seasons from month to month? Most people appreciate someone or something once they're/it's gone. I can think of a million questions I would love to have asked my grandparents about life .. but while they were alive .. I didn't appreciate what they had experienced in their own lives. Sad how that works .. must make a conscious effort not to procrastinate about life.

Myrna said...

Beautiful post, Debra! I appreciate YOU!!

Pearl said...

Great post Debra I keep forgetting to watch Cash & Cari but I wrote it down after seeing this. Because you know women will find great pieces unlike the mens picks (sorry guys)more things like furniture, china, glass etc. Love the idea of putting your chair in the dinning room I would turn the chair towards the window but that depends on the view? I love your low windows in there and pocket doors? how cool is that! Have fun, Pearl

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! I always enjoy reading what you are thinking, not only about my posts, but well, about anything! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here.

As for facing the chair in our dining room toward the window, well, I did think of that, but it wouldn't really 'look right' to me and I am so annoyingly all about rooms looking and feeling just right, you know, the fung shui thing of it all.

There *is* a nice view out there, but if I did turn the chair around, we'd have to sqeeeeze between the back of it and our dining room table since I'd have to leave some room for my feet in between the window and the front of the chair (hope that makes sense! (Just a little note of explanation for those of you who, like me, are very into details.) :)

Thanks again, Everyone! ...Debra