Sunday, January 02, 2011

Some Creative Imagining For You

There I was all sleepy-eyed, doing my usual early-Sunday-morning search for terrific new blogs when, wow! I came across this charming painting. Its name is Lucia Morning, each tiny detail is a delight and well, I am smitten. Positively smitten.

A special thanks to Mrs. Mac for introducting me to the artist, Carl Larsson. You can view more of his lovely work, here.

What a special way to start this Sunday!


Was anyone else enchanted by Lucia Morning as I was? I'd love to read your thoughts in my comment box.


K.E. said...

He is familiar for some reason, perhaps my ex-husband? He was a big follower of illustrators during that time period. His work puts me in mind of Rockwell and Parrish a bit.

Wikipedia says he was part of the Arts and Crafts movement (my favorite).

Unknown said...

What was going on with the woman's head? Looked like it was on fire. That's what popped out at me immediately.

Debra said...

Kim--Your ex sounds like he had great taste in art, anyway. heh. That's my favorite period for art, too, the Arts and Crafts movement, included!

Odie-- here is the history of St. Lucia Festival:

It will help you understand the candles on her head. :) I recall reading one or two young adult novels in which this special day was mentioned so I was vaguely familiar with the traditions.

Thanks for your comments! ...Debra

Anonymous said...

Debra, I love Carl Larsson prints, too. Joyce

Judy said...

I have a Carl Larsson print hanging in my bedroom.

And, I sleep under a large Larsson print when I spend the night at my aunt's charming home.

Carl Larsson paints 'home' like no one else.