Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Something New for My Miracles And Assorted Blessings List

So here I am inside this 1880's farmhouse way out in the silent countryside.

And yet I'm sorta in France, too.

Let me explain.

See, we live quite close to Canada and my 1930's replica radio on top of the refrigerator picks up a couple French stations from Toronto, even more clearly than the Buffalo classical station.

Listening to French radio stations is great fun for this gal who took 2 1/2 years of French in Jr. High and High School. Of course, those years were an awful long time ago and I've forgotten much.

In fact, I listen to the radio announcers and I tell them, "Slow down so I can pick up a few words!" And I keep hoping they'll say classic things like, "Le crayon est sur la table," (The pencil is on the table).

I'm still waiting to hear that sentence.  ツ

But mostly this is what it sounds like to me, who only understands the occasional vocabulary word, when two announcers converse:

"JibberishJibberish three Jibberish Monday JibberishJibberish I am JibberishJibberish hahahahaha." (I love it when the dj's chuckle and I have no idea why they're laughing.)

Anyway, this one French station went on my Miracles And Assorted Blessings List which I began keeping as a sort of encouragement after Tom got laid-off. This station is awesome! 

French music from the 1960's and 70's, especially. We're talking folk music and the classic stuff with a Frenchman singing (moaning?) as though he's in physical pain from losing his lover. And the type of music you've heard in every campy, odd movie filmed in France as well as the  awesome songs you hear in the end movie credits, waiting till the very last to discover who's singing. 

Mysterious-sounding songs just perfect for a Saturday afternoon and happy-sounding, skip-around-the-park-why-don'tcha? stuff. It's all there--the music types I love best.

Wow, another gift from God just when I needed it. A way to stretch me and add bits of culture and joy to these wintry, snow-across-our-lawn days. A whole radio station which feels as though it was custom-made, something to keep me company and smiling while I cook all those extra meals in our kitchen on these days when much has changed.

God is so good, God is so good. God is so good, He's so good to me.


Want to listen to my station online while you surf the Net? Go here (click on Listen in the little green box). (That's the parent company, though my station sometimes does extra bits of news, etc.) Oh, and some times of day the music is better than others. They even played Norah Jones yesterday (a rare song in English!). I like her.


I really want to thank each of you who left comments after my post yesterday. I greatly appreciated each one and I thank you for pausing in your day to say such sweet things.


Are you on Facebook? And are you interested in learning to speak French? You can sign-up here to have a new French vocabulary word sent to you each day. My friend, Donna, has that and so her new-word-a-day shows up on my homepage, enabling me to brush-up on my French vocabulary. Awesome!



Elizabeth said...

How Wonderful Debra! You are so right,God is so good! He knows just what we need!

Unknown said...

I took French in high school as well and it is the only subject I ever failed. I passed French I with a D and then took French II and didn't pass it. All because Miss Pippen looked so great. It happens when you're young.

K.E. said...

I have bookmarked the station - thanks! I love French even though I understand zero except a very very very few words. (Although Portuguese is rapidly gaining on it.)

Kimberly Skopitz said...

la plume de ma tante sur la table (the pen of my aunt is on the table)--i can say it, but not spell it. And it's the only French I know, but i still force it into conversations! LOL! :)