Friday, June 25, 2010

A Victorian Cottage

Oh! You simply must see this tiny Victorian cottage. Read the article and click on the slideshow, the one for the cottage (there are other good ones though, too).

That cottage made my day. Gave me ideas for our downstairs bedroom, the one I've done nothing with so far. Placed dreams and plans inside my head for other rooms and our yard, as well.

It just might encourage you that bigger, truly, is not always better.


... Paige said...

bigger brings bigger upkeep which takes bigger time which takes away from bigger freeness to enjoy

thanks so much for your well wishes, prayers are always welcome

Donetta said...

Reminds me of childhood how through the eye I could see marvels in the old wooden play forts built out of scrap wood and tree branches. Love the wonder of simplicity turned beauty

Debra said...

Paige--so true! The more we have, the more time we must spending caring for it. Hoping things are looking up for you....

Donetta--thanks again! As I said at your blog, it was lovely being reminded of the way our childhood imaginations worked so well.

Thanks, Ladies...Debra