Monday, June 07, 2010

Since Tom and I didn't have quite enough unfinished projects around here, we bought 270 bricks at a yard sale this weekend. And guess who is now making a walkway, a sort-of cheater's type?

Yes, I am. And if you once created a walkway like this and it turned out disastrous, please do not tell me. I prefer my blissful ignorance. I plan to just add a few bricks each day and hope that eventually this walkway will lead out to the wicker chair and fairy pool which are not working out in the back meadow so will be moved to the Bunny Pasture. That is, when I don't have to swim out there. Sheesh, this weekend we had record rains and most of our lawns are like cold grass soup.

And here's the raised bed in the Bunny Pasture. I made it the way Jenna recommended in Made From Scratch, namely, after making the frame you just lay down newspaper and start loading in the dirt (rather than ruin your back digging up the sod). Much easier. Now I just have, oh, ten more raised beds left to make. Alas.

Oh, and don't ask about the tiny, flooded stone patio next to it. It's one of those live and learn things soon to be replaced by bricks. Well, someday to be replaced by bricks, anyway. I try not to promise that anything around here will be done soon, inadvertently making myself a liar.

And remember those mystery flowers out there? Well, I discovered some even higher up! (Click to enlarge and peer at the center of the middle tree.) Amazing. Soon they'll disappear, though, so in the meantime, I've often wandered back there to inhale the glorious scent.

When I reach Heaven I certainly don't want to be shocked that my life could have been so much more than it was. That I'd been surrounded by blessings but never even noticed them. So I'm attempting to always keep awake to Life now. Arriving in Heaven with few regrets is a goal of mine.


A special thanks to each of you who have helped me name flowers and given suggestions for our landscaping! I appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you realize. And more about what we've decided to do in the corner of our yard across from the (main) patio later..........


"Inch by inch, anything's a cinch." ... copied

Or as I tell Tom (who likes big projects done in a hurry): Mile by mile, everything's a trial. (I made that up all by myself.) :)

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Pearl said...

Cute comments at the end, yep its the journey isn't it thats important, I just wish I had more patience. You made great decisions on your yard you have so much yard that your journey will be long and enriching. Have fun and enjoy!