Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So for weeks I've planned on feeling very old on this day. But actually? I'm still celebrating feeling loads better than I did all last year, what with, for months, walking around with an infection inside my mouth. (Don't ever do that, ok?)

Anyway, why was I planning on feeling old? You see, today is my daughter's 30th birthday.

Oh my. I'm thinking that--somewhere--a mathematical mistake has been made. Surely! For on most of my days I feel only 30-years-old, myself.


But no, it's true... For thirty years Tom and I have loved this beautiful creature who God gave us, a gift we've cherished through good times and bad. A gift like none other, one which keeps on giving to us year after year. A sweetheart who takes care of us, worries about us and gives us presents of vitamins and neck pain massagers and massage appointments and organic food so that we will last and last and so that her dad, especially, will be made more comfortable from his polio-induced problems.

What a dear girl, no, what a dear woman is ours straight from the hand of God in these our golden years. Our drummer girl, our sweet daughter.


"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him." ... Psalm 127:3


Here's my favorite post about my daughter.


Oh, and if you want to watch something hilarious from Your Show of Shows, go here. Loved it.


Annie said...

Oh Debra, Naomi's just lovely. What a beautiful picture of her with her drumsticks!


Donetta said...

A wonderful milestone.
I have wanted a set of drums so bad. Yes me :)

Tracy said...

Hope Naomi has a wonderful birthday!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Happy Birthday to Namoi whose birthday is the day after my own! What a lovely photograph.

jodi said...

Happy Birthday to Naomi. She is so pretty (and cool looking too with the drumsticks in hand).

Beth said...

Congratulations Mom! And Happy Birthday to your drummer girl.