Monday, January 04, 2010

The Christmas trees across our street. I like to think that the little old couple who used to live in that log cabin (or even the folks before them) planted these trees in remembrance of Christmas or to provide some green for us all in the midst of the snow and the grey-brown of the other trees we see six long months of each year.

I sit before the window upstairs with my faux coffee, staring at these trees and listening to this (different than last week's) Susan Boyle song. A haunting song, making for lovely, magical moments on average, long winter days.

And here is some more snow outside of different windows.

Snow, snow, snow.... It's that time of year again. I can admit that now. :)


Anvilcloud said...

Pretty place you have there.

Elizabeth said...

It is beautiful Debra. Have you seen my last 2 posts? We took a short trip New Years Eve and found us some snow,it was very nice for a Florida girl!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture with the table and chairs - who is that sitting on the floor next to it?
That window is spectacular.
Still waiting for a good snow here in southern IN.

Pat said...

It really does look pretty, doesn't it? It is as long as I'm not driving or grocery shopping it it...or worse yet, paying the high heating bill! LOL!

Saija said...

ok, is your place always that neat, or do you clean up for the camera? *laughing* ... keeping to your previous post about being kind to oneself, i try not to be to hard on myself re the paper clutter on my desk or leo's paper clutter pile by his chair ... argghhhh ... that's another story ...

loved the pics ... and thank you for the card that arrived today ... :o)

blessings on you!!!!

Donetta said...

Debra thank you
that was just the song I needed.
your dreams of who planted those trees well they are a beautiful thing. The pleasure they must of had in watching them grow.
poetry girl just poetry