Friday, January 15, 2010

Argh. Remind me to never have another root canal.

This one was infected and needed to be pulled. I've had teeth pulled before--all my wisdom teeth, one molar and another. A piece of cake, those extractions.

But this root canal tooth! When Tom and I got into the car after the extraction, I asked him how long I was with the oral surgeon. He said, "Oh, probably around 40 minutes." I replied, "Forty minutes?! Felt more like 3 days." What with all the digging of that top tooth, the prodding, zoom-zoom filing, pushing upward on the tooth (what was with that? Shouldn't she have just pulled down on it?) and the splintering of the thing into pieces. Ick. (At one point she sighed, "Strong bone, weak tooth." Rather a good news/bad news thing.)

Oh my, all the prayers and promises I made while lying back in that chair! "Just get me through this, Lord, and I promise I will floss every single day for the rest of my life." I did not promise I'll never eat sugar again. I know better than to knowingly lie to God.

But anyway, the annoying, infected tooth is out. Gone. And more? Six hours later I'm still not feeling one smidgen of pain. The oral surgeon even gave me two stitches afterward and a prescription for some powerful pain killers if I need them. But no pain--not yet. I feel blessed.

It felt so wonderful to arrive back home, change clothes and snuggle into the couch. If I didn't love our home before, I loved it at that moment.

And for any of you who said a little prayer when I mentioned that this day would come, well, thanks so much. While lying back in that dental chair I thought of all you readers of my blog and what I'd whine about tell you about this latest adventure. I felt grateful for such a kind, sweet audience who'll actually care to read my tooth-pulling drivel because you care about me

Thank-you for that.



Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Glad this is over for you! BTW, my father was a dentist and I assisted him often. You don't really just pull out a tooth. First you press down and rock to break the bone attachment. Then pull out. Sorry you had such a rough time! Coddle yourself a little now.

Debra said...

Oh thanks, Kristi, for that information! That makes sense to me now. She did lots of pushing and rocking and that's probably why she said the 'strong bone, weak tooth,' thing--she was having a hard time breaking the bone attachment. She was very good about explaining 'now you will feel this, now you will feel that,' but she didn't explain it as well as you did. :) So thanks for that! Blessings, Debra

Laura said...

You are a brave soul. I wouldn't dare attempt to have a tooth pulled without first being knocked completely unconscious. I'm sorry it was such a trying experience but glad it's over and especially that you're not feeling any pain - what a blessing!

Dolores said...

Sorry to hear that you had such a hard time at the dentist. One would think that dentistry would be a lot more advanced by now. You will feel much better now that it is out.

Judy said...

NOTHING scares me more than tooth issues.

You are brave.

Even if I felt no physical pain, I would take the pain meds just because.

Had babies without drugs. Would NEVER have mouth work without them.

Tina said...

Oh gosh I am having a tooth ache in a root canal tooth (with a crown no less) right now and taking antibiotics. I surely hope it does not have to be pulled! Yikes!
Still, glad that your ordeal is over :-)

BTW, gorgeous new photo for your header. your dining room is so beautiful, and your view is the best. :-)