Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh! Oh! Look what I found early this morning. A Charles Kuralt dvd set is out. Finally.

I never did watch Charles' On The Road series while it aired on Sunday night all those years. Why? Because back then I was the good little Christian who you could always find sitting on a church bench during that hour. heh.

But probably ten years ago at our town's library I discovered one of Mr. Kuralt's videos, Unforgettable People, and I checked it out over and over until I (oh happy day) found a set of three videos at a yard sale. Oh, how inspiring to watch the woman who cooks lunch in her home for hours each weekday for her townspeople. She feels that's what she's called to do. Or the elderly farming couple who built a boat in their yard then sailed it away when he retired. Or the aging black man who keeps a garage full of bicycles for the children in his neighborhood to 'check out', as they would library books, so they can ride around after school then return the bikes at night.

Oh, old-fashioned people who think and act outside of the box! I so need inspiration to live my own life creatively, to dance through my days to the beat of the Great Drummer and not just walk around zombie-like, as though by rote, acting or even feeling as everyone else acts and feels. We already have enough ordinary folks-- that quota is filled, I believe.

To read about this set of dvd's go to Amazon.com, here

These would be my prescription for cabin fever and the winter blues. Guaranteed. Anything whisking us away to other worlds with unique people tends to be wonder-filled.


And if you grew-up watching and loving Charles Kuralt's On The Road, you'll love this dvd, too-- Disney's America's Heart and Soul. I watch this dvd over and over, especially in wintertime to keep me inspired.

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Sherry said...

Oh, I do agree that these DVD's would be a delight. You'll have to tell us about some of the people who inspire you as you watch.