Monday, January 25, 2010

I've had friends who say they are too busy, too holy or too intelligent to watch tv.

And I respect that. Honestly, I do.

I have other friends who say that--nowadays--there's absolutely nothing decent/interesting/good to watch on tv. And well, though I respect that view, too, I also believe that's an over-generalization. Tom and I have a few favorite, current tv shows which we've found to be morally decent, though I admit, some of them cross the violence border frequently. And we don't even have 'real cable', just 'baby cable' (as I call it), so who knows what other inspiring, uplifting shows we are missing?

Anyway, being the great pragmatist which I imagine myself to be, I thought I'd give a list of tv shows/movies which we own on dvd for the benefit of those of you who, like me, don't consider yourself too busy, too holy or too intelligent to watch tv. Perhaps you aren't aware that some of these shows have even been released on dvd. Maybe you meant to buy a set of certain dvd's, but forgot somewhere along the way. Or maybe you would simply appreciate some suggestions for family viewing, given the state of Today's tv comedies, especially.

So for whatever reason, here's a list of some of the dvd's Tom and I own and enjoy watching:

TV Series:

I Love Lucy, This Is Your Life
Monk, Fame
The Waltons, Boy Meets World
Perfect Strangers, That Girl
The Odd Couple, Early Edition
Road to Avonlea, Family Ties
The Andy Griffith Show, Rick Steves' Travel Series
Growing Pains, Touched By An Angel
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Jack Benny Show
Red Green, Frasier
Petticoat Junction, The Adventures of Pete and Pete
On The Road with Charles Kuralt


Rear Window, The Thin Man Series
Harvey, The Snake Pit
The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer, Suspicion
Laura, What About Bob?
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Lost Weekend
The Blondie and Dagwood films, His Girl Friday
The Ma and Pa Kettle films, The More The Merrier
Frequency, I'll Be Seeing You
Destry Rides Again, Big Fish
My Favorite Wife, Groundhog Day
Christmas in Connecticut, Runaway Bride
America's Heart and Soul, The Trip to Bountiful
America's Scenic Rail Journeys, Hook
Cheaper by the Dozen (Clifton Webb), Freaky Friday (2003)
Father of the Bride (Spencer Tracy), The Railway Children (2000)
Anne of Green Gables 1 and 2
I'll Be Seeing You

Of course, the majority of these can be rented through Netflix, so it's not like I'm saying you must buy all these. It's just that I know how winter evenings can seem oh-so-long sometimes and it's too easy to just complain all sour-like that there's nothing good on tv. And it's nice when we have a choice of some good, decent shows to share with our families... and to put us to sleep, just like when we grew-up in the Old Days. :)


Brave, creative people don't complain--instead, they seek solutions.


The photo, above, is of our backyard on this misty, moisty morning. (That's not even the lake I usually show you, it's another one.)


"Guard your heart above all else, for it is the source of life." ... Proverbs 4:23


Anymore suggestions for my lists? I also want to order the first season of Perry Mason--oh the luxurious clothes, cars, furniture and hairstyles! Oh, and the interesting court cases, too. :)


JPG said...

What a cool pic you've got posted this morning!

I recently purchased a terrific miniseries from the 70's which came out on DVD; James Mitchner's Centennial. There are so many starts from that era, from your favorite Andy Griffith to Raymond Burr to Richard Chamberlin, to Robert Conrad, a very young Mark Harmon, etc. It was amazing.


jodi said...

I love so many of those!!! Add to it Arsenic and Old Lace (I introduced that to my children as young teens and they still talk about it), Pie in the Sky, Inspector Lewis, Foyles War, Good Neighbors, Last of the Summer Wine, #1 Ladies Detective Agency, Lovejoy. . .

Ok, I'm making myself stop :-).

Lovey said...

Ok..the big favorite here. Last of the Summer Wine. Keeping Up Appearances, Morse, Inspector Lynley, Poirot, Miss Marple, Foyles War.

Lark Rise to Candleford. A wonderful series with beautiful locale. All of the MGM, talent and leaves you smiling. Fred and Ginger too.

joy said...

Yay for Netflix! How about from the BBC-Vicar of Dibley, Clatterford, and Prime Suspect.

Movies-Gentlemen's Agreement (Gregory Peck), "Hero" with Dustin Hoffman, foreign film called "Water"

Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

Our movie tastes are very similar, and some of our tv tastes, as well!

Back in the mid-90s, Perry Mason was in nightly reruns where we lived - a double episode every night. We got in the habit of watching, as we were on central time so prime time was over early. We even watched Perry while I was in the hospital waiting for our only child to be born! I remember watching Perry Mason when I was a tiny tot living on a naval base with my parents.