Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lately I've heard from various friends and relatives that they just want Jesus to return, like, right this minute. Or they long to (frankly) just die and go to Heaven. 


They say they're tired. Tired of the way our Country is going and of feeling ill and the way their family and friends act, tired of living the same ol' way, themselves. Tired, and afraid, too.

Yet I have other older relatives and friends who love this life which God gave them. Most days they feel good physically, they're filled with hope that their loved ones will love and serve God someday, they don't base their feelings upon the way the United States is behaving, and Jesus, even after their many years, is still their #1 joy and the reason to hop out of bed, whether it's sunny or a cloudy mess outside.

They're anticipating Heaven and Jesus' return, yes, but in the meanwhile, He's showing them an amazing time and keeping them close to His heart, a place where Life always appears hope-filled.

When I get older, I so want to be in that latter group! Heck, I want to be in that group this morning. And perhaps that's why I so often read about (and mention here to you) nutrition and the importance of exercise, as well as a positive attitude, valuing tiny things, laughter and 'not allowing my heart to be troubled.'

I don't wish to arrive at old age, an old wreck.

And the most vital thing in the world to me is to keep a running, hourly closeness to Jesus. No one, I mean no one, keeps me positive and happy and hopeful like He does. And I believe that what I become in this earthly life will matter much in my heavenly one.

I want to start well and finish well, too.

So may I listen to and obey all the myriad lessons He gives me each day so I, too, can be in that latter group, above, the one which believes to be in Heaven is good, but to be here with Jesus is good, too.


Our reasons for longing for Jesus' return may not be as holy as we believe them to be.


Life is a gift from God, a present to be opened--and appreciated-- every single morning.


"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you: not as the world gives, give I unto you. Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." ... John 14:27


Beth said...

Wonderful thoughts to start my day, Debra. At heart it's the attitude we choose to have and how we respond to others. That's why one of my New Year's Goals is to smile more often, especially towards people who I don't know and who aren't smiling.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderfully said Debra !

Judy said...

One would think we knew the very same people.

Rodney Olsen said...

Life will always be full of trials and people and nations which don't act in the way we'd like them to act.

I think it's only when we realise how broken this world is and that we're powerless to make a difference without the sovereign, almighty God we serve that we can rest in him and start to really live.

Anonymous said...

My thinking is that God didn't put us here on earth just to die and go to heaven!
We've got a purpose and He has a plan and that's why we're here. Whatever happened to doing everything for the glory of God? And I don't mean just reading his Word, praying and going to church.
Thanks for this post.