Sunday, September 27, 2009

Still here!

I've just been living Life without feeling as though I must write about it, giving myself a blogging break of sorts. We all need those.

More great yard sale deals! And I finished wallpapering in the kitchen and I plan to add wallpaper to our baking pantry, a.k.a. Tom's storage room. 

There are yard sale curtains to iron and more wallpaper to hang in our guest room, a.k.a. Debra's Upstairs' Room, and another room up there to finish painting.

Tons of cherry tomatoes in the garden await pureeing and apples on the orchard trees need picking and there are books to read, desserts to be baked, flower beds to be weeded and pantry shopping to be completed before Winter.

And that's just the top half of my To Do List. But Autumn has arrived and just stepping out the back door in the mornings brings a head rush.

To stand at the windows is to stare at art.

So, well, I just wanted to reassure you that nothing is wrong, but things feel quite right, actually, lest you worried about my absence. 

I shall return! ツ


P.S. I ordered Odd Couple dvd's and guess what? Oscar and Felix had orange kitchen counter tops. Wow. Makes me like mine better! And also, I'm enjoying all the colors and accessories of the 70's used inside their apartment (the 2nd season and beyond one). 

Who'd have ever believed I'd be watching The Odd Couple for decorating ideas?



Lisa said...

haha! I can see the decorating book now...according to the Odd Couple. I love your orange countertops. Mine are pink...eeeek!

Debra said...

Love it, Lisa! "According To The Odd Couple." heh. Really, though, lots of their autumnal colors and decor are exactly the stuff I've noticed and appreciated in Kim's house tours over at Daisy Cottage. Who knew the 70's were so classic? :)

And pink counter tops can be nifty if you go with lots of pastel colors and decor... Hmmm... I can see the prettiness now! Blessings, Debra

Pearl said...

One of my all time favorite shows! I would be Oscar of course. I don't do well with people that are so.....well, anal. So many laughs to be had. I'm glad your enjoying the Autumn like me. Such a beautiful palette. Peace

Anonymous said...

Hi Debra, Surprise! Love your fall day. Finally figured out the comment thing, gee I'm slow, lol. For some reason, though I had to join, something. Well, hope this works. I'd be Oscar, too. Joyce in Houston

Debra said...

Pearl and Joyce--glad you, too, like The Odd Couple. Unfortunately I am more like Felix--uh-oh! But for years I've tried to lighten-up and sometimes I do that *quite* well. :) Oh and Joyce--you did it! Your comment came through just fine and now you'll be able to leave comments all the time... smile...

Thanks to both of you! Blessings, Debra

... Paige said...

Glad you are well and Orange is a happy color!