Thursday, September 03, 2009

Squeezing Todays

Last night I had an odd dream about my grandfather, though it wasn't the dream which was important, but rather, my thoughts when I awoke.

Namely, I recalled times, low-key family reunions I guess you'd call them, when my family, my grandparents, my dad's sister and his brother and family would gather at my grandparents' house. 

We'd sit around and talk,laugh and eat at the red-checked, oil-clothed table and sometimes sing old hymns and folk songs, and well, that's about all. But it was amazing. We weren't into the let's have organized outdoor games and craft tables for the kids and scrapbook making and other activities, no, mostly we just sat and talked about old times and played Yahtzee or Go Fish before we'd go to bed, bedrolls everywhere, on couches or the floor.

Oh those times! Even as a child I did sort of pinch myself to make sure it was all real and I reminded myself to memorize and appreciate all the moments and all that love. I think everyone else probably did also, but you know? No one can really ever treasure those times enough, no one can squeeze from hours like those every single drop of the grandeur and wonder of it all. Not till most of the people and years are gone from this Earth can we really, truly see what we had.

But still. God reminded me this morning that I'd better not be missing these amazing days He's given me right now, all these todays in 2009. 

I should be squeezing from them, He said, every splendid drop of love between the family I have left, those with me here and those spread out everywhere and each drop of friendship wherever I find them. Plus, all the sunshine, songs, breezes, meadows, lakes and the neighbor children playing as my sister, brother and I did so long ago.

He's put it all here for me, for you, and oh, may I notice, treasure and not missing one tiny thing! 

For what is today is not what always will be tomorrow. Tomorrow, in its own way, will be good, but it will be different and Heaven help me if I sleepwalk and miss Today's wonder. That's what He said, that's what He's been saying all this slow, lovely sunny September day.


Love what you have while you still have it. Then love it some more.


Hooray! Kim has posted another house tour and I especially love this one because it has the feeling I'm always trying to achieve in my own home. Be enchanted here.



Anonymous said...

How funny...He's been saying the same thing to me lately!

What great memories for you!

Judy said...

Love this.

Needed this.

Thanks Debra.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Debra ! This was exactly what I needed today.