Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Just a couple things...

This weekend at a yard sale I found a piece of fabric for just a dollar. I brought it home, ironed it, cut it in half, then monkeyed the pieces into valences for our dining room. Someday I'll give them a curtain rod of their own, but for now, they're fine. And I know... wow... two valences for just $1. Love that.

And see this little pie guy, below?

He's become my memory. When there's something I need to remember in the mornings, I set him on our kitchen table at night. That way, when I come downstairs I can look at him and think, "Okay, why did I leave him there this time? Oh yeah, to remind me to take out the trash." (Or mail a bill, or do the laundry, etc.) When the day comes that I set him out and can't remember why, well, I'll be in trouble. And I'll have to start writing myself more notes than I already do.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that easy helpful hint.

Want one more? For weeks our kitchen sink drain had the annoying habit of becoming slowww to drain water. Then I found what's been a great solution. Each morning when I make my hot chocolate, I boil some extra water and pour it down the kitchen drain. I've not had one problem since.

(Love those natural solutions!)


Anonymous said...

Your dining room looks so warm and inviting.

I did the same kind of window treatment in my bedroom, with one dollar valances from Goodwill. I thought I wanted my husband to make cornice boxes but, when I arranged the valances on top of existing rods, I liked the way they looked and they have been there ever since.
It is rewarding to make a "silk purse from a sow's ear"!
You are doing a wonderful job making your house a cozy, inviting home.

Pearl said...

You did a wonderful job Debra, yes it does look warm and inviting. I'm getting alot of ideas from you woman. It's a labor of love isn't it.

... Paige said...

Sometimes a drain is slow not because of the drainpipes but because of that pipe (what ever it's called) that comes out of the roof. When it gets stuff in it the air doesn't flow and the water can be slow to drain.
My mother suffered with slow drains for 20+ years, my Ex spouse climbed up there and looked in the pipe thingy, cleaned it out and now the sinks still drain without any problem.
Just a thought.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

The room in the photograph has such a warm cozy feeling. You will really appreciate it in the snowy grayer times ahead. Usually I rather dread the coming of winter (though I love autumn and the Christmas holidays) but this year I find myself filled with a sort of excitement and ambition to fulfill goals that have been put on hold too long. It is a great way to feel, even though I know myself well enough to realize that every day won't be quite this "up". My clivia is blooming with the most orange and yellow blossoms for years, and the sun is shining through them. The coolness makes me want to be more active. Life is good and I hope you will have this feeling more strongly than ever, too, Debra.