Saturday, September 19, 2009

First I'll show you some photos from our countryside drive today and then I'll tell you some exciting news. But only I will find it exciting so don't go speeding through the pictures to get there. Ha! 

Wonder why these photos look like they were taken from a moving car? They were. Well, most of them.

That's Lake Ontario behind that house. Can you imagine??

There are tons of cobblestone buildings and homes around here.

All of these different styles of buildings and houses are everywhere back here, and I do mean everywhere. By the thousands, even.

Okay. Now for the exciting-to-me news....drum roll... We found a desk on the curb today!

There it was with a pink fluorescent sign with the words, "Take Me. I'm Free." So we took it.

We lugged it into our kitchen and soon I will paint it red and we'll place some marble-esque stuff on top and perhaps castors beneath. But the most exciting news? I finally have kitchen drawers! Real drawers in the kitchen! Can you believe it? 

I washed them all out and placed my favorite contact paper in them and proceeded to fill them with all the kitchen paraphernalia I'd stored in boxes in my cupboards or hidden behind items in my hutches.

And speaking of hiding things--you know how we all have our own weird little idiosyncrasies? Here's another of mine: I hate it when other people read my To Do Lists. Just hate it, though I can't explain it. So now I can stop hiding my To Do Lists under hutch tops or behind dishes and place them instead, into my very own desk drawer. Bliss.

Ahhh. I have my own kitchen drawers just like the big kids. I am one happy lady this evening.


I so appreciate your very sweet comments about my kitchen!



Jammie J. said...

What a lovely drive you had with a treat at the end! Kind of like a cherry on top of a sundae and then finding a bunch of yummy chocolate syrup at the bottom. Well, for me anyway, that would be exciting. :)

How fun! Your very own drawers and a place to "hide" things. :)

Myrna said...

What a fun drive..thanks for the tour!
And omygosh~the desk!~what a blessing from the Lord! It'll look great painted red~good idea!!

Tina said...

Heh, I know the feeling. My kitchen had 3 little drawers before I started adding "things with drawers". Who built these kitchens I wonder? I grew up in old houses and they all had scads of drawers in the kitchen!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

What a wonderful find, Debra! Wow!

And what a fun drive you had. I'm enjoying my weekend because all my grandchildren and all my children are here together.

Lisa said...

Yay for drawers. Can't wait to see the desk red.

jodi said...

The desk looks perfect in there.