Thursday, September 17, 2009

Okay, now no one who reads this blog will believe this, but here goes anyway: Tom and I enjoy watching the Style Network's show, Guiliana and Bill.

Seriously! (I'll pause here so you can wipe off the coffee you spit all over your computer screen.)  シ

We like how Guiliana and Bill compliment each other, as in, they seem perfect for each other (may they never lose sight of that). He is weak where she is strong and vice versa. They're patient with each other's shortcomings and both are funny people in different ways. And we like watching how 'the other half lives', I think, also.

It's not like Guiliana and Bill is our favorite show, but hey, we enjoy watching it together. Maybe the old saying, "There's no accounting for taste," comes into play here. I don't know.

But whatever, there is one thing I do know. I hope that, as you've been reading this, you've not been wrinkling your nose or writing Guiliana and Bill off as not worth your time if you've never even seen the show all the way through.

Why do I hope that? Because I've seen (online, especially) that non-Christians totally go ballistic when Christians tell everyone, "This is an ungodly book/movie/tv show/song when they've never even read or watched or heard it for themselves. Go around preaching against things you know nothing about and you'll instantly lose all respect from thousands of folks.

Over and over I've watched people totally write-off Christianity after seeing that sort of behavior--and I've been horrified.

I'll admit that I used to listen to a pastor preach against some form of entertainment then I'd go around like a silly, ignorant parrot condemning the same show/book/songs, etc. But I no longer do that, not after seeing how it can cause others to close down, to become more angry than open to anything I may say in the future.

So here's what I do instead: 1.) I either read or watch the offending book or program (etc.) and then voice my opinion (or not) or 2.) If I feel it would be personally wrong for me to partake in that form of entertainment, I skip it--and then I also skip preaching against it. I zip my lip. Though of course, if someone asks why I've chosen not to watch/read/listen to something then I'm free to share why, personally, I've chosen to abstain. But I wait until I'm asked, and even then, I'm careful because I might have gotten the wrong impression about the subject matter. It's happened before, like, lotsa times.

And you know? Since I've stopped spouting off about things I've no real knowledge of, people have taken me more seriously. And since I don't take my 'Christian label' lightly, I believe it's important that I not go around messing it up and making Jesus look bad. Or clueless. Or like a loud-mouth.

Heaven forbid.


"If you can't prove it ... don't say it." Louis D. Boccardi


Choose your battles wisely. People seldom respect someone who complains and fights against everything.


"Never assume anything." ...copied


Judy said...

Preach it, sister!

Well. Or, not.

Thanks for living it. "Living" something is a much better tool than yammering on and on about that which one knows nothing.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching that show lately also and really enjoy it! I just hope they will live in the same city soon because long distance relationships are very difficult (as Dr. Phil said yesterday). They are very cute together and so far it's been very appropriate.

Laurie - Lolo So Retro said...

Smart lady!