Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Reading over my last few posts I've realized I've done some extreme whining this summer. 

And well, Whiner Debra returns in this post so if you're already eye-rolling-weary of her, feel free to click away to the next blog.  シ

Mostly I love having a blog, it's like a dream come true. How wonderful to write about what I've held inside for decades and how incredible that people--that you-- read those thoughts.

However, sometimes I'm annoyed by the whole thing. By the occasional snarky comment, you ask? By the annoying Blogger glitches? By having to think of something about which to write?

No, none of those things bug me (much). Rather, it's the being tested by God about nearly everything I write. You know, kinda like the Bible verse which says teachers will receive the greater judgement. And being somewhat of a teacher in this blog, boy do I get tested on what I write to see if I, a.) really believe what I say and b.) am living it for myself.


My latest annoying test? Well, it's Lori's house over at Kim's Daisy Cottage. Gracious. To me, her house is the epitome of perfection. I love the colors and decor and her creativity, energy, and talent amaze and awe me.

And every photo over there is depressing me into one sour ol' bad mood.

Why? Because instead of letting myself feel inspired and invigorated by the challenge of getting my house to look that incredible (as I've told you to do zillions of times here), I'm instead, allowing all that rampant creativity to defeat me. To make me feel one-hundred years behind in the creativity department. To make me wonder where did all my creativity go anyway? ?

So totally the opposite of what I encourage you all to do here, like, every week.

But I know, I know. Hop back up on the horse and start riding in the right direction. Do something, even if it's small. Just start. Make a dent. It's up to us to remain inspired and motivated, not defeated. Follow Grace, not our emotions. Hang in there. Appreciate progress, even tiny progress. And remember: Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.

Yes, these are things I've told you all to do for years and I certainly need to be putting them into practice for myself again. I know, I know already!  シ

But that's another good thing about having a blog. Here, in print, I can read back over hundreds of posts, encourage myself, and take--and live--my own advice. Just as God expects this teacher to do. To give myself a second chance.




Robin in New Jersey said...

Isn't it funny Debra, I clicked over to Lori's house and could not keep looking at the pictures because I kept saying, "Too much stuff!"

Daisy Cottage said...


We all go through our little spells - no worries - you'll be off and running and loving everything that YOU create in no time. In the meantime, light a candle and just enjoy its' scent. That's what I do. And then sit, breathe, and dream. We are each inspired by different things and all that matters is that we are true to us and keep on keeping on!

I'm so happy that you enjoyed Lori's house - she is a SWEETHEART and created her home with much love.


Myrna said...

I SWEAR I wrote my post just now, AND THEN popped in to your blog for a visit..go read it when you get a chance!
I guess God's teaching us BOTH the same lesson!! ;-)
Bless you, my friend!

Patty H. said...

this post was written for me, too!! I've decided to make one change for the next couple weeks. Just one. Then go from there.
Patty H.

Tina said...

I think sometimes if we dream too long about something, it is very discouraging to find that it has flaws and doesn't do what we thought it would.

This is why I love your blog. We all feel these things and you are so good at putting it into words and helping to cheer and encourage us.

Thank you for sharing with us! :-)