Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Grace In The Details

You live and you learn. Ideally, anyway, that's how it's supposed to work.

Grace helped me learn a few things.

If I'm watching the news and Grace isn't sitting beside me, oh my. I go down to sad, dark depths and wallow and dread the alarm clock. And I am no help to other people down in those sad, dark depths because I'm just as sad and dark as they are.

But if I hear Grace say, "Go ahead and watch the news. There is a specific reason I want you to, so I will bear you up under it," then I can watch and stay up in places of light to pray and do what I can.

Listening to Grace has kept me out of a heap of trouble.

If I am writing when Grace is here, my writing reflects her light. But oh dear. When I write while she is off in the other room, the writing is hard and my words cause a lot of flack with people.

And if I'm tucked away in a corner with God, basking, but Grace is standing at the sink waiting for me to wash a leaning tower of dishes, then the basking is not basking. It's more like, "Hmmm...where is God, anyway?"

(And that works the other way around, too.)

Grace is in on all the details. I love her to be there. 


"I have received grace, he thought. What else could it be, although I don't understand it and cannot explain it. But why should I understand or explain it when I live by it." ... Mika Waltari, Finnish writer

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