Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Blogging Hope

On one of the listservs I belong to, a woman sent in such a sad email yesterday. She told us she'd had a very best friend since childhood and this friend now had two children, ages 13 and 10. She taught fourth grade and helped raise money in her community for someone with cancer. She was voted a model citizen for her town. 

And this week, that woman committed suicide.

I can thin
k of nothing sadder. It hit me hard, even though I've never even met either of these women. 

It made me think of many things, among them--blogging. I've always felt like my blogging was a responsibility, but now I feel it even more. I asked myself, "If someone considering ending her life stumbled across my blog in a desperate search for a reason to keep breathing, what would she find here? Would she find a reason within my words not to hurt herself?"

With all my heart, I hope so.

And I will also add, as other women on our listserv added, too--if you ever consider taking your life, please--please!-- do not hesitate even one minute to ask for help. No one will consider it a bother to take you to a doctor. So many people are running around with undiagnosed chemical imbalances, stress overload or thyroid problems while imagining it's something so much worse--something worth taking their life. But nothing--absolutely nothing--is worth destroying the life God gave you.

God gives us life, but if we ask, He also gives us the hope, courage to face that life. And He gave us Jesus to walk us through it all as well as each other. 

But things like too much stress, past tragedies or unkind people can blind us to the good, the Light, and make our world appear dark and hopeless. But it isn't. At least, not with an overcoming God beside us.

And at this time of year--this Christmas time-- we are reminded of the Light which God sent to this dark place to help us find our way. And that light was--and still is--Jesus. 


When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
...Author Unknown


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Jammie J. said...

This is so true, Debra. There are so many possible reasons for depression. And, depression is oftentimes caused by an imbalance somewhere ... thyroid problems, pain, hormone imbalances. It's usually medical and can be helped.

If a person can find one simple thing to hold onto when the slide into depression happens, it will save their life. For me, the thought that "it will be better in the morning" and "it won't always be this way" is what gets me through.