Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Final Thing on My Bucket List

"Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..."  ... Romans 12:6


Oh my goodness. I need a colonial house. Or, ok, at the very least, a smaller-sized Cape arranged like a colonial.

See, I realized that, given one solid week of decorating here at Hobbit Cottage--- I'd be finished. Done. There'd be zero creative, fun projects left, no, there'd just be shoveling-out the basement--and everyone knows that's more nightmarish than fun. 

Decorating is hugely who I am. What I do. How God designed me and uses me via this blog, even, and frankly? It scared me to realize Hobbit Cottage is one week away from creative completion. (Seriously, I'm on the brink of overcrowding and over-cluttering this place and not respecting the blank spaces one seeks in sensible decorating.)

I need new projects. Fresh, creative, adventurous challenges, years away from being done. And to leave another house better than we found it, as well.

So here's the plan. I'll complete the enjoyable parts, tackle the unpleasant ones (decluttering, repairing, etc. It'll take months.) and then come Spring, begin The Great Serious House Hunt for some sad-looking, cheapo colonial that needs love.

Of course, a couple of you said I should be thankful I even have a house. That I should just settle, read books, clean house and twiddle my thumbs here until I die. (Well, no one actually told me to twiddle my thumbs....)

Those people were not Decorators, so they don't get it (and I forgive them). Nor are they dream killers, I keep reminding myself. They simply don't understand, quite like I don't understand women who love to ride motorcycles.

We each have our limits, our blind spots. And may we all seek to become more empathetic.

I have just one thing left on my bucket list: to live in a colonial-style house. And be that good, dreadful or wimpy, it's my bucket list, after all. And your list is yours. So really, let's not apologize for them (or for how God made us), but rather, get busy before the grace, time and opportunity have vanished. Forever.


The work continues on our bathroom. Look what I bought yesterday for awesome prices at Ebay:

Do you love Cherry Jeffe Huldah or what? I believe these will totally complete the look I'm going for in there.


A reason I love Facebook? Confirmation galore like this:

"It doesn't matter if you've reached your goal. Dream another dream. Keep moving forward. There's always somewhere higher to go. It may be in a different area of life, but God did not build you to be stagnant. Until you reach Heaven, you want to be moving forward...even if your goal becomes to just rock on the porch and pour your love and wisdom into your grandkids or the kids next door. God is never finished with you."

 ... Jesse Duplantis

Oh, and these, also, by Joel Osteen:

"You have exactly what you need to fulfill your destiny. Take the hand you’ve been dealt and make the most of it. Nothing that you’ve been through has to keep you from becoming all God’s created you to be."

"Don’t lose sleep because you’re not accepted and celebrated by everyone. Don’t focus on your critics or get distracted fighting battles that don’t matter. Just keep running your race and being your best."


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Daniel. Our cat from outer space?


Pam said...

I think it's healthy to keep on dreaming--as long as possible. Goodness, even as I went thru surgery--with clumps of hair falling out--I continued to dream about a retirement home for hub and me. It's like therapy for many of us. It doesn't mean that we're not incredibly thankful for all that we have. It DOES mean that we're still looking forward to living each and every day to its fullest. Keep on dreaming Debra!

Pam said...

Sorry. I meant to say "even as I went thru chemo"

Betsy said...

I also think it's important to keep on dreaming. I am definitely NOT the decorator type like you are but I would love to live in a much smaller space. This is way too big for Hubby and I. No need to apologize to us but go forth and live your dreams! Your new finds will be perfect in your bathroom.