Thursday, October 09, 2014

What If Life Was Simpler Than We Thought?

"Sometimes, the best way to change the world is to live extraordinarily in what looks like an ordinary existence—to radically love and serve those around us every day, no matter where we are." ... Michael S. Horton


I'm so enjoying another cool, gloriously-blowy, golden autumnal day here at Hobbit Cottage so, well, I'll take the easy way out and share what someone else wrote. Something spectacular passed on to me by my friend, Kim:

What If Having An Extraordinary Life Isn't The Point?

I'm thinking it says what I've spent ten long years attempting to say here in this blog.  :) 

I hope Autumn is showing itself as phenomenally gorgeous where you are, also, and that you're spending time outside basking in it all ...


"What we are called to do every day, right where God has placed us, is rich and rewarding.

In God’s covenant community, we are able to taste and see that the Lord is good and set aside this world’s fleeting pleasures, namely because we have seen something more true and more beautiful than this world can offer through false freedom and autonomy."

   ...   Michael S. Horton


Hooray! During The Great Excavation of Tom's Room 2014, I found a perfect container for items beside his recliner and so I've got my gold basket for recyclables back! Definitely one of those things which appears small, but feels huge to me.


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