Sunday, October 05, 2014

Moving On To Plan B with Joy. Anyway.

"But He gives more grace."   ... James 4:6


Remember how I recently wrote about absolutely adoring my closet bedroom?

This weekend I moved out of there.

No, really. See, it's because Tom and I went to a Plan B instead of trying to force the Plan A which was just not workingThere was no Grace anywhere and no progress after months of trying and even though I sensed all this, still, I battled on. Tsk. Tsk.

So finally we came up with a very doable Plan B:

Move Debra out of her closet room to her former library space at the top of the stairs.  Check.

I'd planned to someday hang more blue-striped wallpaper in this corner, but you know? I'm liking this area just the way it is--it feels peaceful. And I do love having a window again, I confess, and now there's even a tiny headboard where I've placed more books (but of course), plus, this area is at the back of the house and will be quieter than the front where I spent our first two years.

And the fun thing is that most people would see only one bedroom upstairs, but I've technically created two extras! But beware if you ask God to restore your creativity--He may just do it and it may be tiring to your not-young-anymore bones.  :)

Anyway, now the closet is free to store lots of Tom's amps., guitars and suitcases that are crammed into his too-small room downstairs. 

Next, we'll rearrange Tom's room to fit a built-in closet someday and the craftsman shelves which are currently in our office proving inadequate for our needs there (shelves I'd rather say good-bye to. Oh well.). 

We'll have new carpet installed in our living room and office, which will require hiring a moving company and practically moving out to do so. Alas. 

Instead of waiting to find three matching bookcases with bottom cupboards and all at a low-ish price, we'll just buy a large hutch (used) to fill the wall in our office. We see those everywhere for not much money. 

We'll wait on the larger bathroom vanity until next Spring, but perhaps buy a terrific hanging set of shelves we spied online yesterday to place above our towel bar and I'll paint our other set of shelves, white. Oh, and I'd like to repaint the bathroom because the grey looks, well, very grey/cold/dull in that northern-exposure room.

Whew. It sounds like a lot, right? But we're feeling Grace in our corner this time and that makes all the difference. It's important to recognize when she's nowhere near the old plan and then move on--not insisting upon staying and forcing things--with a good attitude. That's the hard part sometimes, yet it's a sign of faith that we're expecting something even better.

And now I need to rest awhile before beginning Phase 2 of Plan B. Oh my. It's times like these that I feel every single one of my 55 years. 

But it's all good, for--if we've finally plugged into God's plan--we'll have all the energy, money and whatever else necessary to finish what we began.


Failed plans should not be interpreted as a failed vision. Visions don't change, they are only refined. Plans rarely stay the same, and are scrapped or adjusted as needed. Be stubborn about the vision, but flexible with your plan.


Rosemary said...

Phase 2 of Plan that! Debra, you are bursting with creativity -- wish I had just a little of your energy and vision. Can't wait to see your future projects unfold.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good, I knew you would figure it out. I like your projects, too. Joyce

Pam said...

It sounds as though you and Tom have come up with a workable plan. Knowing you, your new projects will be knocked out in no time, and it will be lovely.