Friday, October 31, 2014

When Something Might Be Taken Away ...

"...let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us..." ---Hebrews 12:1


My buddy, Dolores, shared this at Facebook:

Did it remind me of some deep, meaningful truth? Nah, it brought to mind our view of the river, the one we paid lots of money for by way of a picture window, which has, for weeks, been blocked by big ol' nasty machinery. Grrr...

There's an empty lot down there where the name of our area, plus the word 'vineyard,' were formed using stones on a mound of dirt. After that, wooden boxes of something (grapevines? On a corner city lot??) were planted, other ground was dug up and some gravel brought in. And each night, unsightly endloaders, etc., have parked--not in a back corner of the lot--no. But in front, sprawling across our pretty river view.

Of course, I could complain (way more than I have) silently and aloud to Tom. I could also storm down there and ask the drivers to park  farther back (hey, I'm sure some eccentric little old lady somewhere would do that). I could also sit here and fear and fume that maybe a building's going up next(!), destroying our view forever and proclaim that--if it does--we're so outta here. We're moving. 

(And ok, ok... I did, in the heat of the moment, say that one time.)

But no. If wisdom is letting go of something every day, then I'd be wise to let go of this. To--like late yesterday afternoon and this morning--so appreciate and treasure the times the machinery is gone, making the river visible again in all its blue glory.

I'll remain calm rather than stress-out about this, weakening my immune system, jeopardizing my health, ruining otherwise lovely days.

And I'll believe, in faith, that if a building does go up, it will be built in a back corner of the (huge) lot. And all will be well.

If wisdom truly is letting go of something every day, I'll choose to be wise.

For I do know this: Life is all about how we choose to react to the foul balls which land upon our heads. And the best life will always belong to those who choose to smile anyway, believe for better days, and remind themselves that at least they still have God, He who makes all things right. In His time. 


See what Tom and I really, really want to buy?:

Since we have no built-ins here, at least this would lend to the illusion that we do. Also, our current source of emergency heat is a kerosene heater out in the garage, but can we find anyplace to even buy kerosene? Uh, no. (We've been blessed, indeed, not to have had a black-out in the five years we've had that yard-sale-found heater.) Anyway, this fireplace uses cans of gel and those are super easy to order online. And again, it would be for emergency heat only.


We have questions! Most likely they can all be answered by a YouTube video, but hey, we're lazy and wanted to ask here first:

If we hang our tv above this, where do the cords go? (My friend, Susan, said you drill a hole behind the tv for the wires. Makes sense.) Also, does the swivel wall mount thing come out far enough to where someone (Tom) could see the screen if he's on the extreme left?

And one more ... where the heck do the the cable box and blu-ray player go? Hmm? On all those HGTV shows I just see a tv above a fireplace and nothing else. ???

I'm thinking we need professional help. Tom thinks we should just wing it. Oh dear. But I'd rather not buy this (beautiful thing) until we know for certain that it's gonna work for us.

Anyone have any answers before we seek out YouTube?  :)

Update: Oh! We may have come up with an easy, no extra installation solution. Key word: may

Stay tuned.


Oh, and Happy Halloween! My friend, Tara, shared this blog post at Facebook and it mirrored what I've always felt about Halloween, well, the part about how the world comes walking right up to your door and what an opportunity that can be!


Free Kindle books:


And finally... (long post, right? But I seldom post on Saturdays, so you're getting a two-in-one with this post. heh) ... I tweaked my new corner again this morning-- hung a mirror above, something I've wanted there a very long time!).

I love this....


Terra said...

That fireplace is gorgeous and yes, you may need professional help. I smiled when I read those words about "professional help." I am thinking about having a gas fireplace insert put in our fireplace. I love the Hebrews quote and was looking for one to send my friend who is facing a serious challenge and now I have it, from your post.

Judy said...

I have a three year old here who would LOVE to watch those trucks!

Love that fireplace. Do hire a professional. My helpful husband has drilled holes into almost everything we own. We move things around so much that nothing is safe anymore. Why hired a professional? Because you won't get angry at a loved one every time you see a gaping hole staring back at you. I can see one right now. Ugh.

Deborah Raney said...

I love the fireplace. And Ken and I decided LONG ago that it was cheaper in the long run to hire professional help for stuff like this than it is to have the professionals come in and fix the mess we've made PLUS install the thing we were trying to install/fix. We are very creative people, but we are NOT fix-er-uppers. We know our limitations. :)

I absolutely love your arrangement on the stairway, and the mirror is a great addition! Mirrors cast such neat light and make every space they're in look bigger.

Hope your trucks move SOON. Reminded me of a time when we kindly asked our neighbors if they could trim their hedge since it had grown so badly into our driveway we could barely get to the garage. Instead of trimming, I came home one day to find them bulldozing the entire hedge out, removing a lovely privacy screen, and exposing their not-so-tidy backyard to our view. I sat on the porch and cried my eyes out and swore to my husband that we HAD to move now! We didn't move for several years, but that place was never quite as much home to me after that. I learned to be careful what I asked for! LOL!

Debra said...

Terra--ha! I smiled when I wrote 'professional help.' heh. I'm very glad that verse was a fitting one for you to share!

Judy--thanks for making me laugh as always!

Deb--oh, what a sad story. I even shared it with Tom. (I would have thrown a real, stomp-around-the-house fit.) :)

And thanks, Everyone, for your advice! We think we've come up with a way to avoid any wall installation, etc., (being experts at avoiding extra work!), but if we must install it, we've decided to get someone who's already done that a time or two.

Thanks for taking the time to comment! Blessings, Debra