Thursday, August 21, 2014

Uh-Oh. August.

"For there is a time and a way for everything, although man's trouble lies heavy on him."   ... Ecclesiastes 8:6


Oh the humidity!

It finally arrived, the pea soup stuff, and as always it reminds me of these lines from Carl Sandburg's poem:

"The fog comes
on little cat feet."

..... because that darn humidity--somehow--sneaks inside my house beneath the doors and windows and does drug-like things to my head. Yes it does, even with the air-conditioner blasting its heart out.

Gah. And to think that some people pray for this! What is wrong with them?

Anyway, yesterday afternoon when I pushed up the garage door for a soon-arriving-home Tom, I paused in our yard, gazed around and thought, "Uh-oh. I've got that August feeling again. I'm tired of my gardens. Tired of watering, fertilizing and babying green things. I've had enough of watching plants grow, fresh air and reading outside." (Blasphemy, I know.)

But there you go. Give me August and humidity and that's where I am. Yet the good thing? I'm always reminded of this post I wrote years ago, the one with the lines from People With Dirty Hands that said it's ok to bale out of your garden in August.

Whew. Now there's good news and just the permission I need to give myself a break and pack away my summer, even while others are still reveling in theirs.

And now I'll move on to other things where Grace awaits.


"He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man's heart..."   ... Ecclesiastes 3:11


Remember when I made a little beverage center of my own using one of my $1 estate sale shelves?

Well, yesterday I installed the other shelf below our kitchen sink to help store cleaners, etc. proving once again, that you don't need custom-made shelves (or custom-made anything else) or expensive just-for-one-purpose ones from big box stores.


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Anonymous said...

Yup, its that time of year. I am glad to have permission to bail out of the garden. I have had enough. Although the corn is in and we will be selling on Saturday. That should finish that up. I can't deal with another zucchini, though!
This humidity is creating all sorts of body issues so I am trying to treat myself gently and accept His grace.
Yard Sale on our street Saturday. Thankfully a teen age girl arrived to help yesterday and will come again on Friday.
Love your beverage center!
Jan from Maine

Pam said...

Debra, I'm so glad I stopped to read your post before venturing out to work in the garden. When I woke up this morning I really dreaded going out to pick all those tomatoes, because that meant peeling them and cooking them up into sauce for the freezer. Guess what...I'm not doing it. I don't want to and I don't think it's worth it! Thanks for being so honest!

Michelle said...

The 2nd happiest day of my year is the day I look out at my clean, freshly planted garden in the spring and revel in the promise of fresh produce. The happiest day of the year is the day I put the garden to bed for the fall/winter and can quit looking at it and planning my day's work around its production. ;)

Anonymous said...

How disheartening to think that even with an air conditioner your house is still humid. :( :-) I have dreamed of a day when we could have air conditioning instead of this water cooler that just puts More humidity in the air. Seeing that I lived till I was 26 without any water cooler, fans or air conditioner and so do most of the world, I think I will be just fine though! ;-) I put the garden to bed for the winter's sleep some years but most years September starts up the fall/winter gardening here. It is a juggle of trying to keep the new seedlings watered in the hot sun but that is how it has to be! I will admit though the thought of Not doing it this year sounds mighty good! ;))) Gardening I think is in our blood and will always be but like in all things there is a season....Now on to look at your links to other posts of your's! Thanks for letting us view this season of your summer garden! Sarah