Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lusting, Moi?

" ... your Father knows what you need before you ask him."   ...Matthew 6:8


Uh-oh. Last week at Facebook somebody shared something like this: "Lust is when you can't be happy unless you have a certain thing."

Gulp. I've been lusting yearning for shelves on two walls of our office and feeling pretty discontented (hanging my head here). But I want shelves that just magically appear without our having to pay lots of money for them, order them, put them together--or--without traveling to find used ones already together, contacting a moving company to go pick them up and us having to move things around before they arrive.

Basically, I just want to step into our office one day and have shelves everywhere. Is that asking too much? Apparently, it is.  :)

The need for shelves around here has gotten pretty dire and I've even taken to dreaming about them at night. But hey, carved lions from South Africa ought not to be on kitchen counters:

... nor should elephants live on the floor:

Of course, we could get rid of a bunch of things to make room for newer stuff. Nah ...

Oh well, I'm thankful I saw that definition for lust, because it's helping me behave myself and to wait  more patiently as we consider our options. 

So many lessons in Life, so little time.


A couple weeks ago everyone in our neighborhood was finally given the 'new' kind of trash cans, the type we received eons ago when we lived in our other suburb house in the next town over.

Not only that, but a huge green receptacle also came and that one is for recyclables only. It's nearly as tall as I am!

In fact, a few times I've accidentally tossed plastic bags or, ack, weeds in there and have had to tip the thing forward on the ground and climb inside to retrieve whatever wasn't meant to go there.

If I ever invite you over and you can't find me? Check the recyclables bin. That's where I'll probably be.


If you believe in praying for cats could you please pray for Sammy? In all ways he seems normal except that he's hardly eating. I'm hoping it's just a tuxedo cat thing (they have many 'things'), but this weekend I've been concerned. Thanks so much!

(Probably 98% of my yard 'toys' were found at yard sales, including this $1 plant stand.)


The type of shelves I'm considering? Here. And here.

Of course, for, like, $3,000 less.  :)



Pam said...

The older I get, the more I believe in praying about every single thing that concerns us. Years ago, we had a barn cat that we dearly loved, but she ventured too far and was killed by a car. My girl and I sat on our back stoop and cried our eyes out because we loved that cat. We had always taught our daughter to pray about every thing, so she sat there and asked God to send us a kitty that needed a home. The very next day, we were in the yard and we heard a "meow" coming from the field. Suddenly, a little gray and white face popped through the wheat. And we have adored that cat for the last 8 years. He has the run of the house and we adore him!
Since then, I know God cares about cats.

Anonymous said...

You know I sure do believe in praying for cats and will pray for your Sammy! Our Jinx is so thin, but has checked out "okay" at the vet, so we don't really know why. He still eats, but just not as much. Sometimes he throws up and I feel so bad because he NEEDS that food so much. I often pray over his food as I give it to him, asking God to bless it to his kitty body. I know some may think thats crazy, but I don't. Keep us posted dear friend on how he is doing!

Debra said...

Pam--what a sweet story! I, too, very much believe in praying for cats and always 'lay hands on them' and pray whenever they don't seem quite right.:) I just like to let my readers know that if they don't believe in praying for cats, it's ok and that's why I said what I did.:)

Susan--thanks so much for praying! Sammy definitely is eating better today. He was normal in all other ways so I'm pretty sure this was something we'd just not had to deal with for awhile,but had earlier. See my next post for updates and thanks again so much!

Blessings, Debra