Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stepping Past Fear, Intertia and Procrastination

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus."   ... Philippians 4:19

After my last post, Anonymous said:  "I wish I had the courage and know-how to paint my walls. They surely need it."

Oooo....! Ol', Do It Herself Debra adores this type of challenge. And even if you, personally, don't need any walls painted, these tips might help with any household project that has you cringing/crying/procrastinating/considering moving.

First? Look up online a youtube video (or three) which shows beginners how to paint walls, which types of paint to use, tips about taping edges, etc.

The wonderful thing about paint? You can always paint over it if it turns out wrong.

In fact, painting can be a wonderful way to burst out of Fear Boxes, you know, the type of fears which cheat us from becoming our best selves, living inside our best rooms.
Then decide on a room in which to begin. Choose a color. Think one wall at a time. Perhaps begin on a small bathroom wall for experience?

Check Sunday newspaper inserts for sales on paint/brushes/rollers, etc. Or if you're into yard sales, often these can be found cheaply there. Perhaps a friend or neighbor has leftover paint they'd give to you or sell cheaply?

I save old sheets and shower curtains to use for drop cloths. Perhaps buy a new shower curtain (Dollar Tree has them) and use your old curtain to catch stray drops? I always use a paint brush rather than a roller and have almost no drips that way.

Can you ask a couple friends to help? If not, choose a time when you'll be alone, switch on the tv, radio or a CD--pray--and then just do it. Start. Step past fear and inertia. Usually we are the only true obstacle in the way.

Ok.... But what if you're unable to paint due to chemical allergies? Then I'd recommend doing some online research on no-VOC paints then--after you've learned about those--look online at your local hardware store websites to see if they carry those paints. Or make phone calls.

Yet what if you're physically unable to paint walls? Consider bartering. What are you good at? What do you do well that you could trade with someone who'll paint walls for you? Or do you own something you no longer need which you could trade with a friend/neighbor/painter for their painting help?

I believe God sprinkles tons of different gifts upon people so that varying, myriad needs can be met. When we're all using these gifts/talents/abilities no one goes without. Everything gets done.

Ok, in a perfect world it would be like that all the time and everywhere. But even so, the bartering system has often worked for Tom and me-- at times we've traded guitars, amplifiers, furniture and even firewood for household projects we couldn't handle, ourselves.

Again--we're not just talking painting here. In fact, I even think that sometimes God, Himself, brings us to a helpless place so that we'll trust Him to show us a way to accomplishment. So that we'll remember we're not islands unto ourselves, but rather, so we'll humble ourselves and see we truly do need each other, making this world go 'round the way He intended.

The main thing? Never let yourself feel hopelessly helpless about anything God wants you to do. That scary type of helplessness sinks us into despair... into a sad type of life God never intended for us. Always--one way or another--He has something better available.


My latest "I can't do it myself project"? I really, really want two tubular skylights placed in Debra's World upstairs. One in the main room and one in my just-like-a-black-cave closet.

An example of a tubular skylight is here. (Kind-of a weird video and will only take you ten seconds to see what I'm dreaming about.)  :)


The photos? From my walk this morning. I'd forgotten how a bad couch (or bad bed) can give you a bad back. The new couch already has my back feeling better which means I'm able to once again walk to these spiffier neighborhoods. Yay!


Terra said...

I like the houses in your photos and your can do spirit. The sky tunnel my hubby put in is a great addition, you will like it. On moonlight nights it really brightens our formerly dark hall, and seems like a light is on during the day.
I would love to paint our house, exterior and interior and you are inspiring me.
I have a book give away on my blog today.

Bonnie said...

What a nice encouraging post, Debra. I used to love to paint. So fun. I do less now that I'm in my 50's, but have spent many an hour on DIY projects over the time of our married life and two kids. Kids rooms are the most fun! Nesting feels good.

Deborah Raney said...

The house we moved into about 6 months ago is ALL painted the same color––a lovely pale cream. I like it, but we're ready to start adding color to a few rooms and walls. You've inspired me too! I'm thinking a pale, dusty Robin's egg blue for our master bedroom.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Debra, I can paint walls, but can anything make removing wallpaper, old wallpaper, any easier?

This is a non sequitur, but I thought you would really like this story:

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! If any of you go ahead and do some painting, I would love to see photos!

Terra and Bonnie--you ladies are always so encouraging and I do thank you!

Kristi--I once bought some wallpaper remover from a hardware store and it worked great. Since your wallpaper is older and stuck on pretty well, that may be the way to go rather than just wetting it down with rags the way you often can with newer types. Let me know if you get it off your wall, ok?

Deb--go for it! And I know you will show pictures.... I'll be waiting to see them! :)

Thanks again, All! ... Debra