Saturday, August 24, 2013

Slowing Down Lest This Body Fall Down

So since whenever, it's been a bit discouraging how high-maintenance I'm becoming.

If I skip my back exercises, my poor ol' back hurts.
If I don't take walks, the weight clings to me like magnets.
When I skip my Vitamin C, my ears and teeth hurt.
If I forget my nighttime vitamins, well, forget about sleeping.

... I'll spare you the rest. (You're welcome.) heh.

But then weeks ago while rereading Chicken Every Sunday, I reacquainted myself with Miss Sally and, although she was 'over-the-top'--yes! (and therefore an interesting literary hoot)--still-- her 'southern regimen' made pampering oneself sound luxurious, tempting and rather cool:

"After breakfast Miss Sally took a little nap--she said it helped her digest her breakfast--and then got up and washed the underwear she'd worn the day before. (She said it was too nice for anyone else to handle.) She hung this in the bathroom and while it was drying, she made her bed and straightened her room. Then it was time to do her ironing which she did with infinite care. After this exertion she must have her morning bath and then cream and powder her face and dress for lunch. After lunch she undressed completely--the only way she could relax, she said--and had her afternoon nap."

The author also said that Miss Sally awakened from her nap at 4:00, took another bath, dressed for dinner after brushing her hair and working on her nails and patting her chin. After dinner she began a whole nighttime beauty ritual, including changing her sheets nightly.

I'm thinking Miss Sally is my new hero.

Ok, ok, calm down... :) At least she's inspired me to no longer resent caring for this aging (God-given) body of mine. Rather than muttering about it, frowning in the mirror over the faded old thing or neglecting it into early onset rigor mortis, Miss Sally's overboard lack-of-balance nudges me to rev-up my almost non-existent regimen.

Miss Sally reminds me that caring for oneself can become a daily, slow-it-all-down-awhile ritual, one representing luxury, relaxation, chats with God and even a bit of fun. For as with many things, happiness and satisfaction depend upon how we treat and view and react to this thing called Life.

And with Whom we spend the majority of our time with, as well, in all the little ways we spend it. (Though I'm thinking that--in God's eyes--not too much is actually little, as in, it all matters. Much.)

"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."   ... 1 Corinthians 6:19,20

"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control."   ... 2 Timothy 1:7

Over-the-top or barely anything--neither is ok, neither is more virtuous. Both are out of balance.



Terra said...

Is Miss Sally's entire day every day devoted to herself? I like the pampering routine idea, and it can keep us healthier and active, but Miss Sally is over the top!

Elizabeth said...

I like the idea of enjoying the pampering!

Anonymous said...

From Diane:
OK, first of all I love your new sofa. The gorgeous color, the fabric, shape, everything! I spent a few days yearning for such a sofa.
Now that you put it in your head photo, well, there's only one thing for me to do. I will repeat daily: "I will not covet my neighbor's sofa. I WILL NOT covet my neighbor's sofa!!! HA-HA!

Seriously, I'm happy for you. Enjoy your quiet time with the Lord.

Anonymous said...

I kind of get the idea of Miss Sally. I know I sure feel good after taking an unhurried shower and putting on my prettiest night things and such. It does seem her whole day, or at least the one written about was all about her. Not letting ourself even when home run around in our shabbiest old clothes. There is certainly nothing wrong with taking care of ourselves. Letting ourselves take time to care for our skin and nails and such even makes us feel good. We are representatives of God and should keep our appearance up too. I can't seem to get my thoughts together but I think you understand what I am Trying to say! :) Sarah

Debra said...

Thanks for your comments, Everyone! Because of a couple of them, I went back and tweaked two sentences to make them clearer and added this at the bottom:

"Over the top or barely nothing--neither is ok, neither is more virtuous. Both are out of balance."

So thanks for helping to make my post more clear!

And Diane--thanks for making me smile! I totally get what you're saying: basically it took me 35 years to finally get a couch that really speaks to me. Thirty-five years--oh my! :)

Thanks again, All! Blessings, Debra