Saturday, August 17, 2013

Just Chatting Today

See this pretty yellow house for sale on the Enchanted Lane three streets from me?:

Lovely, right? On my walk home I dreamed about living in that pretty place, but later, online, I saw that it's bedrooms and its one bathroom were upstairs, many of the walls were paneled (quality paneling, but still...) and the kitchen! Have you ever seen such a poorly laid-out kitchen?:

Lesson learned? The outside of something may appear wonderful, but that never guarantees the inside is, as well.


Remember that week of weather so hot that I thought I was gonna die? Well, apparently so did those evil, sparrow-eating grackles because they grabbed their suitcases and flew away to milder places and now the sparrows can safely eat outside our windows again, making Daniel and Sammy especially happy.

Lesson learned? In this life, much falls below the This, Too, Shall Pass title so never say (or think) never. And never give-up.


For three weeks we've had glorious open-your-window days in the 70's with brilliant blue skies, puffy white clouds, reminding me of perfect days when I was ten. And when this song came over my kitchen radio, I turned it up and Life felt too perfect, Jesus was everywhere, and happy tears stung my eyes.

Lesson learned? A normal Thursday afternoon can become more memorable than any vacation, any party/potluck/retreat, any other activity under the sun.

But then, I already knew that.


Are you a fan of Jessica Tandy? A few weeks ago Tom and I watched Camilla (instant Netflixed it) and enjoyed the movie much. (I especially loved Jessica's house as well as the 'servant's quarters' next door.)


Enjoy kids' lit.? Here's a perfect summer book, one I never tire of rereading: Ten Kids, No Pets. Your town library will have this one for sure.


Rhonda Sue said...

Is that the dishwasher under the lamp? And the sink back their between the stove and fridge? Yikes!

My parents 1971 has some of that quality paneling too, I like theirs. It fits with their home but I know what you mean

Debra said...

Rhonda Sue--yes--exactly! The dishwasher is on the other side of the room and that *is* the sink in the middle of the appliances. This house was in the same family for 50 years and I'm thinking they never heard of the 'triangle thing' you're supposed to have going on in a kitchen. :)

Like you, I appreciate some quality paneling, especially in a library room. But in this house, I spied it in the living room, kitchen, a bedroom and the otherwise-beautiful entry area with the staircase. Too, too much for me. :)

Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra