Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lightweight Summer Stuff

This is part of my friend, Donna's, backyard. Is this summery gorgeous or what? I always enjoy walking around Donna's park-like yard with her when Tom and I visit.


Interested in downsizing/traveling/living less expensively? You may enjoy this short video:

Family Road Trip of a Lifetime


It's unanimous! Everyone says go for the red couch. You can be sure I let Tom know about that consensus. :) Oh, and although I love that specific couch which I showed you, right now I'd buy just about any red couch. Just so you know.

And as a side note lest you wonder if I truly love red.... Last week we had tons of guests (relatively) and I marched each one over to our red front door, telling them, "This is my favorite thing about the whole house. Isn't it wonderful?"


Yesterday I crunched up bark mulch for my tree flower bed and am enjoying the change:

Now on to my Herb & Etc. Garden!


I've taken a walk four days in a row this week(!) A recent record, indeed. On two of those walks I even carried a bag of cast-off stuff to the Salvation Army bin. It feels terrific to let go of non-essentials!


What I've Recently Reread:

Mystery of the Opal Ring by Anne Emery. I can't find an online review of this book, but it's written by one of my favorite retro teen romance writers. An 18-year-old girl works at a quiet resort over a 1960's summer and finds mystery and romance. (It's a good thing I don't write book reviews for a living, right?) heh.

And perhaps my favorite Anne Emery book, Vagabond Summer. You can find a review here.

And then a more recent treasure-find is Pastures of The Blue Crane by H.F. Brinsmead. Another book which takes place in the 1960's-- you can find a couple reviews here. I've always preferred books where some fixing-up of an old house is done and this book has much of that.

A warning..... I've rarely varied my choice of books since I was a teenager--my favorite rereadables still come from that time.  Weird, I know, but one of the most special things about going online? I've discovered I'm not the only adult out there still rereading retro kids' lit. 

There's just something so darn relaxing about it.


"You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you."   ... Isaiah 26:3


Anonymous said...

Years ago my daughter and I went to the last day of an estate sale. They had two real leather red chairs in perfect condition. I fell in love with them but had no place for them. My daughter who is not a red person like I am, to my surprise Really loved them. Neither of us got them but she still mentions them as that one thing that 'got away'. At $40 each they were a steal. I sure hope they found a good home.My idea of a couch is a comfy one with a slip cover or a red leather one. Since Hubby got to pick the furnishings and decoration ideas for that room I will not be getting either soon !! :-)

I still reread the books I loved as a kid. They had great stories without all the extra violence or romance of ahem in them. I also am totally in love with books with the people redoing homes or speaking through out of home duties and how they did things back in the days. One I love is Laura Wilder's Farmer Boy for all the descriptions of what his mother did and the farm work too. Those ladies [and gents} did a Lot of work, but with Lots of love. :) Sarah

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Have you read Mother Carey's Chickens? Or some of the Grace S. Richmond books with fixing up a house in them? You should give us a list of books with fixing up houses in them, Debra! Pretty Please!