Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Valentine's, Anyone?

February! The month of Valentine's Day.

So. Have you bought or made your Valentine's yet?

Back on the farm, I wasn't as organized as I am now and I totally forgot that I'd bought two packages of cute little blank cards (only $1 each pack) to use for Valentine's. So I'll use them this year. Now, how can I be more organized in a house we only moved to four months ago than one in which we'd lived for three years? We have less stuff here. It's lots easier to organize when you have 1/3 less junk.

Think about it.

Anyway, I made my Valentine list yesterday and began getting excited. Thirteen friends (or maybe a couple more) will receive a little surprise in their mailbox and they'll smile when they open the envelope. Don't you just love to anticipate peoples' smiles?

And yeah, yeah, yeah.... Postage went up again and even though I bought lots more Forever stamps before the rise (including some cute stamps specifically for my Valentine's), I still only saved a measly .80 cents.

But hey. One thing I've noticed? God has always made sure Tom and I have enough money so to bless other people. There's always enough in our budget for sharing with others, no matter what else is going on. Because there's one thing I absolutely know for certain: the moment we stop giving out of fear or selfishness--and halt the flow of reciprocity-- that's the moment we're sunk.

And who wants to be sunk? Certainly not me.

Valentine's Day. Makes me feel 10-years-old all over again.


Oh my! If you're still wondering just what your gift/calling is, you know, the thing God wants you to do for others, I'll pretty much guarantee that this will help you find it. One of her most funny, timely and powerful messages ever (and that's truly saying something, trust me).


re: The top photo: Yes, I've got Valentine's decor and Christmas together on our hutch and it looks wild. But we like it. :)


Don't you just love the glow of sunlight right before it sets for the day, especially as these winter days grow longer? Ahh... happy sigh. Reminds me of portions of Intra Muros--which also reminds me--did any of you finish reading it yet? :) If so, what did you think?

Ooo! I just now looked closer through the window.... kinda looks like Heaven out there, doesn't it?!


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Elizabeth said...

Lovely post Debra! I am planning a Valentine Tea this year for my grandaughter.