Saturday, February 25, 2012

The New Guy At Hobbit Cottage

So. Meet Daniel, the new baby. And what a baby, indeed. It's like having a toddler around the house again, a toddler who likes to jump up on countertops and tables (though I think he may be cured since, after the 20th jump or so, I began flicking water drops at him). He loves to talk to us, (little mrrts-mrrts?) and you know? He's like our favorite cat of all time, Lennon, and the best cat Naomi ever had, Oreo, all rolled into one.

What a character. Follows me around like a puppy and is never too far from either of us. Took over Tom's recliner already and the spot on my bed where I sit during these winter months to watch tv or read. Pretty smart for a 14-month-old baby.

So the first cat has arrived. Sammy (Samson) comes to stay on Wednesday after we take Daniel to his free doctor check-up to see if all's well with him. Thankfully, 8-year-old Sammy is easy-going and just wants to play with anything with a pulse. Whether he or Daniel is the alpha male won't matter to him--he met Daniel yesterday and just kinda looked at him as if to say, "Hey kid. I think we'll get along. I'll let you know later."

Tom chose the name, Daniel, because then we'd have two Bible names for cats. :) (I'm thinking we should have named Daniel, Major Distraction, instead. heh.)

And so the cat adventure at Hobbit Cottage begins.


Daniel is fixed, has all his shots and was half-off at the shelter. Nice. Tom and Naomi went out to buy tires for Naomi's car yesterday (she leaves for Tennessee next week), and came back not only with the tires, but with Daniel. I didn't mind. For some reason, just thinking about the trip to the shelter and picking out a cat was almost stressing me out. I'm so glad they went ahead and did the choosing, themselves.


Oh and one last thing. All day I've been listening to Jesse Duplantis youtube videos. Off and on for 30 years I've watched him and always appreciated his hilarious sense of humor, his gifted story-telling ability and his joy-infused way of being and speaking. (Oh, how I wish I knew such excited, joy-infused Christians in Real Life!) So since Jesse has been today's special assembly speaker upstairs here at God College (heh), I thought I'd share some of the links with you. His 7-part testimony about Heaven was awesome and his 18-minute personal salvation testimony had me practically rolling around on the floor ( Listen here.)



Lori Alexander said...

So cute! I love my kitties. I have had cats my whole life and the 2 we have now are the best we've ever had. They follow me around like dogs!

Elizabeth said...

So glad you have Daniel! Jessie Duplantis is one of Jims favorite preachers!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Daniel is so beautiful! I wish I weren't allergic to cats, but my eyes are swollen shut before a day goes by and I sneeze like a maniac......

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to new kitty stories and antics! I came to the blog as usual and usually read and Dr S. quote and it was gone! So silly of me that now I can't remember what it said and it was So Good. sigh... Also thank you so much for sharing your insights again with us....they sure have me pausing and thinking. Sarah

Judy said...

Welcome Daniel! May you be a constant source of blog posts!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Pets make life so much fun. You will have lots of stories to share with the two new family members!

Morning's Minion said...

The company of two cats will make Hobbit Cottage truly a home!