Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Remembering Laura

Just wanted to pop in here today to wish Laura Ingalls Wilder a happy birthday.

Nearly always this time of year I'm rereading Laura's remarkable books. Whenever I read The Long Winter (this will sound odd) I feel I must hurry through it so that the Ingalls can find themselves in Springtime and be rescued from that horrible winter. The longer it takes me to read it, the longer they must again suffer deprivation.

I warned you that would sound odd. :)

But oh my, I am always an emotional wreck by that book's finish. What a scary situation! Usually I'm quick with what I believe to be answers for hard times (knowing all things as I do....ha!), but for the Ingalls that winter? Even I can't think of any solutions. Well, except when they first move to town and Pa goes to the store I always whisper, "Buy what you can! Use Mary's college money to stock-up before everything is gone!" But alas, Pa never listens to me. heh.

Well, now I'm just getting silly.

Anyway, happiest of birthday wishes to Laura today. I do thank her for sharing her stories, her family, with all the rest of us. Though I still  complain too much, I am less of a complainer than I would have been due to these amazing people.


Here's a nice piece written about Laura's life.



Judy said...

Such a wonderful woman, that Laura.
And you too.

Elizabeth said...


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading Laura's books. Read them to my older 2 children anyway...but that winter one was SO nerve-wracking...and it was a miracle they survived it. It is encouraging that she did was not published till older...that should give one hope.
Elizabeth in NC

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

How lovely to be reminded of the birthday of a favorite writer. These books were such a cherished part of my childhood and I too still reread them.

Rosemary said...

You might like a book entitled "The Wilder Life" by Wendy McClure. It's all about the author's obsession with the Little House books. Haven't read it myself but it sounds interesting.

Terri said...

I'll go toe to toe odd with you...I save The Long Winter for hot Georgia summers because it is such a very COLD book, lol, I shiver throughout the reading of it!