Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Life Around Here

Lovely weather we're having, huh?

Last night I had a sudden surge of creativity so I put on The Dick van Dyke Show (Netflix) and ran down to the basement and got this shelf, below, which I finally hung up here at Hobbit Cottage. I saw those photos of our old suburb house the other day and missed having these types of surfaces on which to display my junk collections:

I placed some old brooches upon the shelf, some of which I'd not seen in years and had recently wondered about, ("Do I still have that ____?"):

So I puttered and laughed at the Dick van Dyke episodes and stayed up past my bedtime (8:30!) and had such a good, just-like-the-old-days time.

Then this morning I checked my email and found one from a friend I've known since we were both 14 and went to school and church together and oh! She, her husband and their two best friends are planning an autumnal leaf-peeping trip and they're considering starting with our area! Now, that's exciting stuff because we've not seen Linda since 1983 and Tom has never met Guy, her husband, who I also went to church and school with, but he was two years older.

I  enjoyed answering her travel questions and sent links and photos of our area and how lovely to dream about and plan for something like that, especially on a snowy day, one in which, too, Tom's dad is never far from our thoughts (see my last post).

I even did more creating this morning, moved the items around on my dresser again:

And there's even more--- Our neighbor across the street, Carrie, shoveled our driveway for us and our sidewalk to the door (!) She's probably ten years younger than I am, in good shape, and I was wracking my brain as to why she would do such a nice thing for us since we've only spoken once (besides waving hi a few times), and that was the time I had to ask her to move her van (parked on the street in front of her driveway) so I could back out of ours. (But I did ask sweetly and made it sound like I'm such a bad driver that I'd hate to risk wrecking her

Well, God finally told me to stop trying to figure it out (I think my brain was smoking by this time) and He said maybe she did it because He asked her to, as a divine favor sort of thing. Or maybe as an answer to the prayers I prayed before moving here, ones asking that neighbors would once again help us (the neighbor behind us shovels the sidewalk in front of our garage). So I just smiled and recalled how, in all four places we've lived in WNY, our various neighbors have helped us shovel snow--what a blessing!  And what a challenge for me to keep shoveling for others, too.


Thank-you so much for your kind comments and mentions of praying after my last post. I appreciate each thought and comment more than you realize.

Oh! And please keep praying. Tom called his parents again today and his mom said his dad is doing better . Tom could hear some strength in his dad's voice, even though he couldn't understand his words (Tom's mom says when his dad does say things, no one can really understand him). But again, he began eating again and seems to be feeling stronger.... so thanks, again, for your prayers!


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Mary said...

I just got back in town and was catching up on your posts. I am so sorry about Tom's father. We are praying for you all. I love the sweet little shelf and all your "collections".

Elizabeth said...

Love your shelf and dresser. I love puttering too! I have 2 youngest grandsons this weekend and tomorrow a Tea party for grandaughter and 2 other little girls.

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Good to know Tom's dad is better! I share your Blessing of fabulous, helpful new neighbors. So wonderful!

K.E. said...

Sorry about Tom's father. It is never easy. But a wee bit of a perk up is nice to hear about.
Kind neighbors! That is so lovely. Maybe a nice baking session to thank them (and fuel them up for more shoveling...ha!).
My neighbor, who recently moved :(, once sprayed a hornet's nest on my house (they terrify me). Now THAT'S a good neighbor!

I know Linda and Guy! (Very slightly) You know how. :)