Thursday, February 09, 2012


Everything is better here at Hobbit Cottage, even winter!

In all our 19 years in Buffalo, this winter has been the easiest and sunniest. If winter was always like this, we could stay here forever. And this shouldn't cause summer problems, either, for we've had frigid temperatures, too, and lots of rain. Our poor garage has been flooded twice, as proof.

Oh well! I'll take a sunny winter in Hobbit Cottage anytime. And now? I'm just enjoying Life here-- the living of it more than the writing, at this moment, anyway. Enjoying waking and sleeping. Printing coupons while listening to 1940's and 50's music and shopping down the street while listening, too. Spending time with Naomi when she drops by during her last few weeks here in town. Mailing my Valentines, reading Little House books and watching Numb3rs on Netflix and NCIS on dvd. Cooking, cleaning and standing at the windows memorizing my new neighborhood. Making plans for Tom's job-and-tractor buddy, Al, and his wife to visit us here next week for the first time.

It's all so very, very good, but only because Grace and God make it so.


Save $1.50 of two seasonal Mars candy items. I used this today and got four M&M Valentine packages free plus .36 cents. Also, I'll get Swagbucks points because I went over there and printed these coupons, instead of at the link I'm giving you. :)

Buy one 64 oz. Ocean Spray cranberry juice, get one 64 oz. cherry Ocean Spray juice free. A Facebook coupon. This worked out to where I paid just $2.50, total, for both.

Save $1 off any two Quaker oatmeal boxes.

Save .55 cents off any size Welch's jam or jelly. (Other Welch's coupons available, too.)

Want to find a ton of places which will send you coupons for organic foods? Go here.

Save $1 on All laundry detergent. A Facebook coupon.

For a free Sun-Maid recipe booklet in the mail go here. (These are so old-fashioned. I ordered one 22 years ago (or so) and I think I still have it. Naomi and I used the snickerdoodle recipe a million times!)


The top photo? Another one of the many you've seen from the two smallish windows up here in Debra's World. It's amazing all the photos one can take of different things from her own windows ... this time I liked the way the old railing looked through our neighbors' dried shrubbery.


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