Thursday, March 24, 2011

For Your Listening Pleasure

Years ago I shared these Patty Griffin songs with you, and well, here they are again. I am listening to them these past two days while I wait, wait for Spring, wait to burst out of my back door to play in my yard and feel ten-years-old all over again.

So if you are also waiting, here are three songs to wait by...

Kite Song

Making Pies



Good news! For two days my wayward ribs have been wandering back home. Oh, how amazing to have them back in place!


Last week I made a little window garden. Brought a little Springtime to our dining room and to my heart.


My new friend, Judy, recommended the kids' novel, Tophill Road by Helen Garrett. What a delight I'm finding it to be! If you, too, enjoy old-fashioned kids' lit. from the 1950's, you may enjoy this book.



Unknown said...

I am not familiar with her singing but she does have a beautiful voice. Thanks so much for having it here to listen to.

Julie in Texas said...

I love the window garden and your cheery room!

Mind Movies Reviews said...

I'm loving your willow garden! It really compliments the room.

Robin in New Jersey said...

That window garden is beautiful. I have to keep all my plants up high because the cat will eat them!