Sunday, March 21, 2010

You may be wondering how Tom is doing nearly three weeks following his shoulder surgery.

He's doing much better, though his shoulder feels achy. We're both doing better. In fact, during the first week I almost wrote a blog post about post-surgery life around our house, but I would have come-off sounding pathetic. Wimpy. Like a crybaby. So I didn't write that post and instead, just hobbled along as a caretaker as best as I could. But really, that first week was hard on us both, though we caretakers hesitate to complain lest someone say, "Hey! You weren't the one who had surgery."

But as you other caretakers know, caring for a post-op. person is very trying on ones nerves, even when love is behind all you do. All that interrupted sleep! All that doing for the other person those myriad little things like bringing glasses of water and pills and propping pillows just right and tucking blankets just so and lifting the footrest of the recliner (and getting a backache) and keeping that %^&*$ polar unit full of ice and helping with showering and walking behind so he'll not fall, all while still cooking meals, cleaning house, feeding cats, doing laundry and running errands.

And that's just the part I've decided to mention. There's more, there's the interrupted everything, but again, that's all I'll share.

But alas! We survived, as we've survived before and my back aches only in the early mornings now. I've returned to my own sweet bed upstairs where I run the fan which I so need to sleep without waking at things which go meow in the night (Tom can get up by himself now, even rigged the recliner so he can recline alone). And the best gift of all has been that out of these 19 post-op. days, 14 of them were sunny, bright and warmish. Trust me, we both needed every one of those glory days--and we are grateful. And we're both recuperating nicely, too.


Last Saturday my dear friend, Laura, drove out here to our Little Town In The Middle of Nowhere to bring us some homemade Italian Wedding Meatball soup and some muffins because she could tell I needed some TLC. Oh my. Her gifts were so very appreciated and the soup, both Tom and I agreed, was the best ever!


Oh! Some of you will love this. It's film taken from a cable car in San Francisco in 1906. Awesome!


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful, that Tom is doing better. Yes, it hard on the caregivers, too. Sure make you appreciate, when things are normal. I love San Francisco and really enjoyed the film. Thanks for sharing. Joyce

Laurie said...

Oh, I feel your pain, caring for a post-op person is very wearing, no matter what. Glad you survived and that hubby is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed what was wrong with Tom's shoulder. Since both my shoulders are needing surgery too I was wondering how it went and what happened. I tried looking back on your posts but don't know how I missed this information! You have always been an inspiration and make me do lots of inner thinking! Anna

Debra said...

Joyce--thanks for letting me know you liked the film! I've watched it many times and am always charmed by it for some reason.

Laurie--thanks! It's great when others understand...

Anna-thanks! Tom's right rotator cuff was operated on on March 2nd--cleaned out, a bone spur and arthritis scraped/cut out and a new piece of something was sewn in.... or something like that. :) He had a similar surgery four years ago on the other shoulder and he's always been glad he had it done. This one is taking longer to heal, though, because the surgery was more invasive. I hope all will go well with your own shoulders and thanks again for your kind words.

Blessings, Debra