Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh wow. If you enjoyed the 1905 (1906?) film of the cable car on Market St. in San Francisco, you'll also like this 1908 film from Barcelona, Spain. Incredible. Enlarge the video and turn up your sound. (Feel like going back in Time today? This will satisfy your urge.)

And if you'd like to see a comparison tour of Today's Market St., here's one from 2005. Such a huge difference from 100 years ago, yet a couple things remain the same. And I must say, I prefer the laws of the road stuff of Today, even though the 1905/06 film was way more fun to watch. :)


As I watch the people in these videos from 100 years ago, I notice the spring in their steps, the way they run, their smiles, laughter and mostly-fit bodies. In my mind I compare them with crowds from Today and oh my... this verse comes to mind:

"... but the worries of Life, the deceitful pleasures of wealth, and the desires for other things come in..." Such burdens we carry nowadays! Burdens which show in a myriad of ways.

Addendum: I must add that for the nearly 17 years I've lived in Buffalo, I've almost always felt a sort of spirit of celebration whenever I am out and amongst the people here. Really, it's unlike anything I've experienced anyplace else I've lived or visited, it's especially rampant here in our tiny countryside town and something I recognized in both those earlier videos, above. A certain happy energy is the way I would describe it. It's invigorating--and I love it.


Elizabeth said...

I love that video Debra.It was like going back in time.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Love the videos. The traffic in 1906 did seem rather too chaotic, though!
The people seem to be striding with longer steps than we use nowadays, or than I do. Interesting.

Kristi - it is well with my soul