Monday, March 29, 2010

Straightening, Cleaning and Peepers

Actually, I don't believe in Spring Cleaning. :)

No, I am a Straightener. I straighten rooms. Everyday. When you have straightened rooms, you can think clearly. You are ready for company. You can find things.

As for cleaning? I clean when the dirt gets my attention, when it bugs or nags me. For some tasks that's everyday (as in dishes), for other things it's once or twice a week (vacuuming), some things I clean once a month (the refrigerator).

So if you surprise me with a visit, you'll probably find me straightening or you might discover me cleaning, be it Spring or Summer or Winter or Fall. Sometimes I get a wild, overwhelming urge to pull the junk from my kitchen cabinets, so I go with it. But again, it could easily happen in Winter when Spring is only an anticipatory gleam in my eye.

I prefer year-around, low-key, no-big-deal cleaning. It's the peaceful way. At least, that's what I've found (but then, I've always been somewhat of a rebel so I realize you may consider my cleaning habits downright controversial).


My favorite cleaning products? Old-fashioned vinegar, water and baking soda. Oh, and the latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm recommended hydrogen peroxide for carpet spots--works great!

Cleaning should not be complicated, expensive or dangerous to your health.


Until I was 50-years-old, I'd only read about spring peepers in my favorite old books, never hearing them for myself. Yet lately, I've so wanted to share our backyard LOUD peeper concerts with you, but it wasn't until today that I discovered a way. So here you go. This is what our backyard sounds like during the nightly invasion of the peepers. Turn your sound way up for the right 'and-you-are-there' effect. Some nights I open our kitchen window wide and just stand there, enchanted. Grateful, too. Peepers, night after night, reassure us Springtime is soon coming.

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Lisa in Texas = ) said...

Loved to get to hear what your back yard sounds like at night.
And I might be a rebel too but I think I like your idea of just clean when it needs to be cleaned. I am really trying to get more and more organized. I am not to where I would really like to be but I am slowly working that direction.
Have a great evening,
Lisa :o)