Saturday, March 06, 2010

Why I Don't Copyright

Right off the proverbial bat I'll say this post applies only to me, to the decision I've made for myself. I do understand the other side of copyrighting material, so I hope no one will feel he/she must defend their own decision to copyright... ok?

If you're in a smokin' hurry to zoom down your blogroll, here's my short, short answer why I've not copyrighted the material in my blog:

"Freely you have received, freely give." Matthew 10:8

In the nearly 6 years I've had this blog, I've received some of the sweetest comments and emails on the planet. Various of you have thanked me for writing here and you've told me you passed around my words on sheets of paper in home Bible studies, read them from the stage of your church, emailed them to people who were hurting or stuck them to the front of your refrigerator. You've mailed them by snail mail, folded them into your diary and tucked them into the edges of your bureau mirror.

I love that. All of it. Why? Because this blog is the one place in my life where I feel God speaks through me, at least some of the time. It truly feels--again, sometimes--as though He's using my fingers upon this keyboard to share some truths simply, especially given the fact that my writing style is ultra-simplistic. (Due to my having a simplistic-style brain, God must practically draw me pictures in order for me to understand most things. heh).

And since He's the one who's giving me most of this stuff, well, I, in turn, wish only to pass it along on to you in this safe haven, this learning place, available 24/7. At no cost, with no restrictions. Just, well, freely.

Of course, someone could zip along to my blog, copy something and then proceed to share it as though it came from them, charging for it, even. But you know? I choose to believe God will deal with them about that and He will take care of that sort of thing. You know, vengeance being His and all that.

But right now at this phase in my life, He is taking care of me just fine, especially money-wise, especially since--again, at this moment in Time--my needs are few and they are met by Him. So freely I give to you what He's freely giving to me. And it all belongs to Him--the credit, the glory, and the comments you leave me, too. It's all His, so take what you will from my blog and use what you wish, where it will help the most. Freely.


Myrna said...

Well said, Debra! And I believe I've done almost all of the above as far as quoting your posts and all..I must say they have gotten me thru some difficult times in my life and I've past on your encouragment to others.You were even instrumental in starting my own blog! God is using you in amazing ways. I bet never in your wildest dreams did you ever anticipate a ministry in which you have now! I love how God gives us our wildest dreams!!
You are such a blessing! You are BLESSED to be a BLESSING!!
Love Ya!

Lovey said...

Exactly Debra. "It is in giving that we receive".


jodi said...

We have made the decision that I will work one more year. I feel so much better about life but the real reason that I tell you this is that your blog was one of the first things that I thought of after the decision was made. It gives me a sense of peace.

Elizabeth said...

Your blog is a blessing Debra. I am sure many are blessed by it,I know I am.

Beth said...

As the others have stated, your blog is indeed a blessing. And your willingness to share your blessed words are and encouragement to me. Thank you so much.