Thursday, February 25, 2010

Truly, I wish God was letting me choose the weather for today. I so would not choose snow, snow, and more bigtime snow to come tomorrow. Uh, no.
Thirty-four winters I've lived in snow country and you say today is February 25th? Yep, that's normally when it hits. That's when bad news feels extra-bad and I can't get fully warm and my hundreds of books all look dull and I'm known to mutter, "Enough snow, already!"

I so want to play in my garden. I so want to see green. And sail over the countryside to estate sales, into houses where I walk up stairs, barely glancing at trinkets for sale, but looking deeper. Alas. But Spring will come in its own time and I must respect this long season of Winter and accept its purpose and that it's still here. A guest who's stayed too long, but still here, nonethless.


To everything there is a season .... and a time.... and a purpose...


Ok, I take that back about all of my books appearing dull. I picked up Adventures in Friendship by David Grayson and found exactly what I needed. I do hope you've read that book or Adventures in Contentment or Adventures in Understanding. They zoom you back to 1910 and peaceful countrysides, oldtime Boston and the things which actually matter.

You can read all of Adventures in Understanding here.

And here is The Friendly Road online.

Adventures in Friendship is here. I especially enjoy the A Day of Pleasant Bread chapter.


Annie@The View from 256 said...

Oh Debra, BIG HUGS! It will pass. I have actually experienced not being able to get fully warm this year, after years in temperate VA, San Diego, and Pearl Harbor!

I've been sitting on the heating pad on low, or setting my feet on it, and warming the bed with it at night. It is my new best friend.



Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Debra,

What a perfect gift you've given me today. I just read the first two chaters online - The Day of Pleasant Bread first - and plan to continue at intervals as the perfect antidote to the thick beautiful snow falling relentlessly on my world. It is truly beautiful, but I am just as truly looking forward to two weeks in Florida very soon. We need the sun! We need more vitamin D. The area where I live is so similar to yours in not getting enough sun in the winter! All along the southern shores of Lake Erie(and so many other places in the world) there seems not quite enough sunshine about now! But a comforting book like Adventures in Friendship, with the lovely illustrations, too, can put a little sunshine in our hearts. Thanks!

Theresa said...

I live in the snow belt of Canada, and this is the easiest winter in a long time. It seems as though the southern and eastern states are receiving what we normally get. It is good for us because it makes winter so much shorter. I appreciate your longing for spring, I feel the same. But, if ever there was no snow, well, that would be heartbreaking. I try to bear in mind that God made all the seasons, and by his grace the seasons continue, relatively unchanged.

Saija said...

i read your post of wednesday too ... and in it, you asked the angel for 70's temps and sunshine ... :o) ...

we haven't had so much snow this month - i'm thankful for that! i am ready for spring too! or the Lord coming back ... *smile* ...

blessings on ya - you always bless my heart!

emma said...

And just think - with all this extra snow this winter, Spring should be extra-extra luscious and green! YAY! So just think of the snow as pre-watering for the greeness to come.

i bet we'll see some native flowers not seen in a few years because of the snow/cold this winter. Wont' that be fun???

mizsuzee said...

Believe it or not Debra, when we lived the four years in Palm Springs, I was soooo depressed because the sun was shining EVERY day! There was no "variety" in the weather, just sun, sun, sun. On one of the rare days when it would rain, I was overjoyed! I missed the seasons SO much. Especially the turning of the autumn leaves. I was rather stunned to realize how much I missed cool weather!! It's one reason I know I'll never move south again. I was unhappy in all that sun! CRAZY, I know! :)