Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Of Valentines Outside The Box

Valentine's Day--it's coming!

Lots of people believe they hate Valentine's Day, that it's just pushy, flagrant commercialism, but me? Always the quiet rebel, I love it. Next to my birthday, it may be my favorite day of the year.

Why? Because there's just something about sitting down and writing messages for friends on tiny cards (packs of blank message cards with cute pictures are fine, too), then slipping them into a mailbox. It's like being 8 years old in a classroom all over again with glitter and red construction paper. Oh, the anticipation of a friend's smile when she opens your Valentine miles and miles away, perhaps making her feel 8 again, as well. Doesn't that just make you shiver with delight?

Well, that's how I feel, anyway.

I hope you've bought your cute little cards and stickers and that you have your pens and markers all ready to go. What, you don't? Well, here's to hoping you will buy a few cards or better yet, create some from your imagination and then experience the childlike joy of making another heart glad on February 14th--or any day, of course! 'Anytime Valentine's' are always a joy to receive, too, and well, why not create your own holiday? Really, who says you can't?

Love, appreciation and fun are always welcome gifts, you know, and February 14th is always a great day to celebrate friendship. And Life. And still having a creating child living inside us.


Valentine's Day--it's always been about friends, also.


"The greatest of these is love..."


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Thickethouse.wordpress said...

At different times in my life I've enjoyed Valentine's Day in different ways, but now I'm enjoying watching my grandson make Valentines and a Valentine Box in pre-school......To everything there is a season........