Sunday, January 17, 2010

When my friend, Donna, came over last Thursday we had the most fun time around my dining room table. At least I hope she had fun too, because I certainly did.

During our conversation Donna mentioned an artist she'd met who'd gotten a college degree in creativity. Wow--is that cool, or what?! Immediately I thought that if I ever return to college, that's the degree I'd go for: Creativity.

But since I don't plan to visit any hallowed college halls soon, I'm thinking I'll go for a Creativity Degree here in my home and inside my real life. I mean, what with this computer and access to books and movies and cd's, well, an education in creativity and wonder and art and imagination is everywhere, upon every surface.

If I am not as creative as I would like, then it's my own fault, for I'm surrounded by inspiration. If I'm bored, it's because I've ceased my search for all things new and lovely and imaginative. If I've forgotten how it feels to be 10-years-old and at my creative best, well, that's because I've let go of what I once exercised daily (and probably took for granted).

So let the classes begin! May I set aside afternoon hours to learn and grow and be creative. May I seek until I find. May I get back what I have lost and add to that layers and layers of the creative flow which glimpses art in every room, every field with a farmhouse and every table scape, as well.

And may the aquisition of a Creativity Degree be neverending and an enjoyable lifetime away.


One of the artist's assignments was to make a list of creative ideas, to just jot down any and every imaginative idea which came to him. Loved that.


Rita said...

Wonderful! What an inspiration on this foggy rainy day here in Indiana.
Thank You!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Yes! It's a "muster your wits in your own defense" idea, I think. We need the nourishment of being creative. Debra, I love Julie Cameron's idea of the "artist date". A time you do something just to stir your own creativity - For me, it can be a trip to a fabric shop. Or picking out some art books from the library and just looking through them. Or spending a half hour reading from a book of poetry. Or going for a walk in the National Park near my house, or even just a walk around my own yard. This is a great idea for a dark and rather damp January day.

Judy said...

I pray you will be protected from the people who say, "Well. That is interesting. But what is it for?"

If they have to ask...

Debra said...

Rita and Kristi--Thanks for telling me this post inspired you! Thanks, too, for the extra creative ideas, Kristi.

Judy--heh... I'm thinking that the few kind people left who still read my blog are those who understand where I'm coming from and they are (most likely) ethereal-minded, themselves, to have stuck with me this long. So I think I'm safe from the 'what's it for' line. Well, *rather* safe, especially since I'm a simple homemaker and not looking to find a *real* job. (I did think of the 'what for' line, too, though, while writing this. :)

Blessings, Debra

jodi said...

My grandfather did that but then threw his journals/lists away before he died. I wish that he hadn't.

I think that if you sat at your diningroom table that you could not help but be creative. What a beautiful spot!

Tracy said...

I love it, Debra!!! I think I'll join you in classes for Creativity. :)

Beth said...

I had to think about that response "what is it for?" What do you mean what is it for? The degree? Then it dawned on me what was meant. Hahahaha. I guess it never occurred to me. LOL

My second daughter got a degree in music. Not music ed, not music composition or performance. Just music. That sounds like a degree in creativity to me. Now she's a barista at Starbucks. And a piano tuner. And a lovely, creative mind.

To pursue a degree in creativitiy sounds absolutely divine. A life-long pursuit. I think I've been traveling that road my whole life as is evidenced by the many and varied sorts of crafts, finished and unfinished, I have around the house.

Now I need to go create some goodies to take to my monthly Craft Club meeting. A lovely group of ladies who would also think a degree in creativity would be divine.

Debra, you go girl!